Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly Workouts 7/18-7/24

This weekly recap is going to look a little different because I completely skipped multiple days. I can't even call them "rest days" because I wasn't recovering - I was just doing nothing.

I couldn't quite figure out why I felt so exhausted this week, so unmotivated. I had an upset stomach Monday and Tuesday, so I didn't workout and that was fine. I ran with Kristin Wednesday despite my stomach still feeling gross - it was so nice to see her and just get in an easy run - but Thursday and Friday I did nothing again.

I forced myself to run Saturday despite feeling totally unhappy about it, and I felt rundown and low-energy the entire time. Sunday, Elizabeth and I did another short run, but my stomach hurt again and I had trouble breathing. Could be humidity. Could be other stuff.
Here's a pretty sunset picture because things are about to get bleak.
I think maybe I was just emotionally drained. Matt has been away all week to be with his Nana. She's been sick for a long time, but this week she was taken off all her medications and isn't eating or drinking. He's planning to probably stay with her until she passes, but we don't know how long that will be. I can't be with him because I'm starting work this week. I think the emotional burden of all that - wanting to be there for him, the constant worry and anticipation over what will happen and when, being alone, being anxious about work, feeling guilty for wishing he could be here with me - has just completely drained me. 

I really didn't want to turn this post into a post about all that but...there it is.

So I ran three times this week and did nothing else. It is what it is; sometimes life happens, and I don't know when I'll be back on top of things, so I just have to take it one day at a time.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Playing Designer

This week, Skirt Sports is rolling out their inaugural "Sewing Room" event. I'm really excited about this for a couple reasons.
1 - It gives female athletes a chance to have a say design their athletic gear. Trying on new running clothes can be really frustrating - armholes cut into your pits, tops bunch in a wear spot, waists or legs gap or pinch...I wish I had the money to just get all my clothes tailored, now that I think about it. 

But the Sewing Room gives us the chance to share our ideas for designs that will improve Skirt Sports clothes. More pockets! More reflective fabric! More sizes! New fabrics/prints/details/designs...The list is endless, really, and nothing is off the table.
Clearly SS isn't afraid to try something new!
2 - It allows women to vote on ideas they like and help crowd fund designs if they're so inclined. This was successful last year with the Gotta Go Skirt. Customers told Skirt Sports they wanted a skirt that made it easy to pee on the go, and now it's a reality.

You can wield the power of Heidi Klum and decide who's in and who's out!
Anyone else a big fan of this show? I always felt like I was the best judge ever.
3 - If there's a retired item or print you really liked, this is a chance to request its return to production. I'm looking at you, Super Girl tank!
You all should know by now that I'm obsessed with pockets. I can't believe this tank is discontinued!
I wish all athletic clothing companies were this encouraging of feedback from their customers. I love that Skirt Sports really wants to hear what we want, and actually acts on the feedback!
Admittedly, this first event is on a tight time crunch (designs are due by August 3), but this is just the first of many times they plan to roll it out. I think it's pretty cool; I can't wait to see the ideas other women come up with.

Tell me about your dream running outfit.
What's the worst piece of running clothing you've ever owned? I once bought a bra that smelled weird in the store because I thought the smell would wash out. It never did! I always smelled like burned rubber when I wore it on a run!


Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Running and a Shoe Update!

Summer running:
You know what's fun about summer running? That moment when you realize, halfway into the hottest month of the year, that you're finally acclimating! (Can you ever say, "I've acclimated" or is it an ongoing process with no definitive end?)

This weekend, I woke up Sunday at 6am and checked the weather: 79 degrees with 75% humidity. I contemplated skipping the run - 79F that early just seemed SO painful. But when I stepped outside, I was like, "Oh, this isn't so bad at all!"
Feeling strong and sweaty post-run!
And then I commenced to run at a fairly speedy pace without feeling like I was putting in too much effort or really huffing and puffing. I hardly felt I was sweating or working hard at all!
Sunday's splits.
Of course, after the run I realized I was completely soaked, but I felt totally great. I guess maybe I'm finally acclimated in a way I never have been before, because I've never experienced this level of comfort on outdoor runs in the height of summer.

I finally found them!
Soooo preeeeetty! They're a new color scheme for me, and I'm loving it!
Friday and Sunday's runs were both in my new shoes, and they are absolutely the ones I'm keeping. Some shoes I tried were automatic no's - like the Saucony Hurricane (which I wanted to love but knew the moment I put it on that it wasn't for me) - and some I vacillated between yes and no. But these Brooks Ravenna? Within minutes of my first run, I could tell a difference in the feel and feedback of the shoe, and yet it felt like they weren't even there.

They just felt like I didn't need to think about them at all. I could put them on and forget about them, which is exactly what I've been looking for.
Now, after months of stress and searching for new shoes, I'm almost glad for the changes in the Kayano because the Ravenna are so much more what I've been looking for - springier, less bulky, and lighter-feeling. (Although they're not light, they're 1.2oz lighter than the Kayano.) I may never have tried them out if not for the awful updates on the Kayano!
Remember this post? Oh, the drama!
I think going with the "energize" option (as opposed to "cushion") was also exactly right for where my running is these days. I ended up ordering both the Transcend and the Ravenna, but the Transcend felt clunky when I tried them; I never even took them on a run before returning them!

My runs this week also gave me a little confidence boost! I've been worried about my speed work not paying off in longer distances (and by "longer" these days I mean the 10k), but the easy effort of my distance runs this week, paired with the paces of my repeats, have given me confidence for my 10k goal race in October.
Last week's runs via DailyMile.
I plan to add tempo runs more consistently into my training toward the end of the August, and I also plan to add a fourth weekly run into my schedule soon.

To be honest, I'm enjoying my working schedule, but I miss running, and I'd like to see higher weekly mileage, so I feel it's time to run more! Is it weird to miss something I'm doing consistently multiple times a week? I'm sure you guys know what I mean!

This post has been brought to you by the TOTR linkup!

Have you been acclimating well to the summer heat?
How many days a week do you like to run?
When you're not following a training plan, how do you make sure to get the most out of your speed work?


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Workouts 7/11-7/17

I traveled a LOT this week, but still managed to be fairly successful with my workouts. I'm feeling good about overcoming circumstances and making fitness a priority on the road!

Monday: After traveling up to Clearwater to visit with my Sub30 buddy Melanie, I settled in at my parents' house for training this week and got in a couple quick ab circuits. Please disregard the stupid video titles. I really like Blogilates but I don't like that her older video titles really play on the old "bikini body" tropes.
I did 10 burpees before and 10 after, too.

Tuesday: After training from 9-12, it was looking very stormy at my parents'. They live on a loop that's 2/3 of a mile, so when it was clear that it wasn't going to storm but was going to stay kind of dark and cool, I went out for an earlier run than usual.
True story: 86 and 65% humidity felt downright cool at first. It's crazy how humidity can make such a difference.
As you can see by my splits, toward the end the clouds began to blow over and it started to heat up again and I began to feel queasy. I didn't want to run the last lap but I convinced myself to do it, even if it was slow. I know I also suffered because I've never done these longer repeats so fast; I'm usually in the 8:30s the entire time. The first three splits were closer to how fast I run 1/3 of a mile at the park. Between laps I did bicep curls, presses, and pushups.

Wednesday & Thursday: I rested both days. Wednesday my right hip flexor really hurt so I planned to rest, and Thursday we ended up having a late dinner with friends and driving all over Sarasota to visit Matt's old ceramics teacher and nana. I was okay with taking two rest days in a row because traveling allows leads to special circumstances.

Friday: I got up before work and ran 5 miles because I knew I wouldn't have a chance in the afternoon - more travel! I thought I'd only have time for four miles, but my new shoes and cooler weather (75F with 67% humidity!) meant I ran fast enough to fit in five!
I am super excited for my new Ravennas. I'll post about them after I've tried them out more, but I think I've finally got a good replacement for the Kayanos!

Saturday: We drove up to St. Augustine Friday night to spend the weekend at our friends' beach house. I was so excited to do a quick circuit in the morning on the balcony to our bedroom. It was hot and mildly breezy; I did about 15 minutes of core and upper-body stuff.
Sunday: I haven't really been motivated to run long at all since it's gotten so much hotter in July. Luckily, that's fine because I'm not training for anything long and this is my year for short distance! I got up and ran 4 miles at 9:38 pace (and negative splits the entire time) and felt pretty good about it all, especially because after a day hanging out with friends, it was hard to muster the energy to get out of bed.
But it was worth it, because this greeted me as I stepped outside! I ran on the Coastal Highway rather than on the beach because the tide was too high, but it was still a lovely run and a gorgeous view!

How was your week?
Do you like running on the beach?
Where do you go for weekend getaways? 


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Confession: I'm Scared

This is not at all running related; I needed to get my thoughts out there so I can come to terms and shake this off. What a better way to do that than on TOL Thursday?

Note: I wrote this post before my first two training days, but now that I've gone I feel a bit better. Training has helped me remember that no one expects me to be perfect immediately (or ever) and that I have an entire team of people who can offer support when I need it. But, some of my fears still I'm still publishing this post.

I began training for my new job this week. From Tuesday to Friday, I'm learning about what's on my plate for this upcoming school year. Beginning July 25, I'll be officially training new teachers. And right now, I'm scared.

I'm scared my students won't have a socially conscious teacher who will openly discuss politics with them. I don't force my views on students; we discuss, question, analyze, and wonder. We come to mutual understandings. They have learned in my class that privilege exists, that racism and sexism exist, that to embrace other's differences is an obligation we all have, and that we must not give up fighting for equality.

Especially in the current political climate, I worry.

I'm scared my students won't get all they deserve out of the Holocaust unit this year, because I won't be there to answer the hard questions and give them knowledge that goes beyond our classroom materials.

I'm scared my students won't ever learn to LOVE writing in any capacity. That they'll brush off poetry; that they'll feel censored when they write fiction. That the new teacher will follow the curriculum map TOO faithfully and miss out on some of the organic moments where true, meaningful learning and growing happens.

I'm scared my students won't have a teacher they can trust. Someone they can truly be open with about fears and stress. Someone who takes them seriously as young adults, not just children.

I told Matt, after I'd been offered this new job, that I know I'm an awesome teacher; I'm great at my job, and I fear I may be doing a disservice to this upcoming class of 8th graders because they'll have someone else. Our other teachers are fantastic but it's hard to give up control, you know?

I'm also scared I'll struggle with my new job. That my anxiety will cripple me or that teachers won't bother to take my advice seriously. That I'll come off as a know-it-all. That I'll lose paperwork or give people the wrong answers. That I'll waste the precious time of my mentors and superiors as they try to help me acclimate.

And I know that I'll be able to take it one day at a time and figure things out and acclimate quickly - I'm truly a fast learner - but I can't seem to stop myself from worrying. I just really want to do my best and be as helpful and useful as possible.

So wish me luck, guys...because this week is the start of my next big adventure and the first time I'll be doing something new in the seven years I've been at my school.

Any words of wisdom or advice?
How do you overcome fear?


Monday, July 11, 2016

Weekly Workouts 7/4-7/10

This week was my last week of summer break! I mean, not officially, but I start training July 12 and am pretty much "back" from that point on. I really wanted to take advantage of the free time.

Monday: Rest! I don't usually take a full rest day on Mondays, but last week I was feeling burned out and having some leg pain. I spent the day helping Matt in his studio.

Tuesday: 5 miles on the golf course. I noticed it looked empty so I went out early, golfers be damned! My left knee hurt for more than half the run and my legs felt tired and heavy. I'm not sure why! I was well hydrated and rested. Maybe it comes down to heat and humidity; this was definitely a run that felt like summer was taking its toll.
See that tiny dot at the top of the tree? That's a bird! They always sit at the very tippy top during sunset, like they want a good view of the sky!
 I felt like I was standing still but managed to keep a fair pace. At this point I'd like to see myself in the 9s or low 10s for runs of this length, though.
Wednesday: Oh, maybe this is why I felt gross yesterday. Incredibly bloated and crampy and generally just loving being a woman right now. I put together a full-body circuit and got it all done despite wanting to bury my face in a gallon of chocolate ice cream.
Repeat 3 times.
Afterward, I did a few minutes of isolated ab stuff. I think it helped move things along and diminish some of my cramps and bloating.

Thursday:  Elizabeth is back from Nicaragua! We ran five easy miles to celebrate and it was so much easier - I was actually surprised by our pace because it felt effortless and she hadn't run the entirety of her trip but kept up very well. It was so nice to have a buddy again!
Reunited! We took a little walk/water break around mile 4.
Friday: Back at it with the buddy workouts! We did T25's upper body focus workout and my arms felt like noodles after! We did three minutes of ab/core stuff afterward, just for fun.
Ah...the best part of a workout is sitting and doing nothing at the end!
Saturday: Rest. My armpits and arms were SO SORE from Friday's workout!

Sunday: I met Elizabeth at her house at 5:30 in the morning and we ran 6.5 miles. It was our first "long run" in a couple weeks and the weather was ridiculous - 89 degrees and 90% humidity! - but we trudged along and got it done. Around mile 5 my right calf began to ache and cramp a little bit and I realized I'd forgotten to take a salt tab. I guess they really work!
Our earlier miles were around 10:35 but after a water stop at mile 4 we slowed down a bit. I was still happy with our overall pace (10:46).

Next week I'm out of town for CRT training, so I'll be working out alone again. Hope I can keep my motivation up!


Sunday, July 10, 2016

The "Newlywed" Game

I borrowed this idea from Megan! Today, July 10, Matt and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage - over half a decade! - so I decided we should play a how well do you really know your spouse game. I sent him questions and we each answered them for each other. Let's see how we did!

Now, not to toot my own horn or anything here, but I totally aced this. Matt had a lot of fun answering the questions and I had to edit his original answers down a bit, and they're still a bit long. I thought it was funny that he was sure I wouldn't know his first job, but I did, because I know him better than he even realizes.
I even got his Hollywood crush right, and he doesn't even HAVE a Hollywood crush!
I didn't edit #7 because I really love that he likes Alex Morgan for her feminism.
I told him, "I'm in your head!" and he looked vaguely concerned. Matt, on the other hand, was surprised that so many of his answers were "wrong". He claims I don't know myself as well as I think I do!
His answer to #11 is SPOT ON regarding Emma Watson.
Some of his answers aren't wrong...I just didn't give him lots of backup options like he gave me. In reality, he totally nailed 3, 4, and 11 along with the answers that obviously match up.

This probably isn't interesting to anyone but us, but y'know what? It's our anniversary and I'll post what I want to! ;)

Of course, a wedding post wouldn't be complete without a nostalgic look back on some of my favorite wedding photos.
Our first dance; laughing after Matt broke the glass at our ceremony; our first dance again; Steph's MOH speech; kisses at dinner; and my favorite of our posed shots.
We had a fairly traditional, non-denominational wedding, but we made it our own by incorporating some important Jewish traditions like the breaking of the glass and the chuppah. It was beautiful and intimate and a lot of fun! I've posted for our anniversary a few times, and I always get requests for more photos, so I'll link the other posts if you're interested:

2014 (Matt's contribution to the blog...No wedding pictures, but I forgot he wrote this and it was nice to go back and read!)

I know we got married young (I look almost the same but Matt has aged very well if I do say so myself!), but I still think it was one of the best decisions I ever made!
Here's to us and another fantastic year <3
Did you have a traditional wedding?
How well do you think you know your SO? 
How well does your SO know you?


Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July & Upriver Ceramics

This year's 4th of July celebration was extra special because it marked the official opening of Upriver Ceramics to the public! I've been calling it the "grand opening" but Matt thinks this was more of a "soft opening." Either way, we were there, we had visitors, we made was a good day!
 The city where Matt's studio is located hosts a festival for the Fourth every year; the renters at the cottages are expected to be at all city-hosted events, so this was the first time Matt would be opening his doors to the public. Knowing this, he's been spending a ton of time getting the studio ready.

We spent the morning putting up cards with the pieces' names and prices; we rearranged some of his work to make the space more conducive to visitors. Then, we brought his throwing wheel out under his awning and enjoyed the day.
The festivities (food trucks, ice cream, music, and games) began around 4pm. There was lightning in the area and things kept getting closed down until the "all clear" was given, which was great for us because people wandered our way while they waited for danger to pass.

Quite a few people sat down to watch Matt work on the wheel. (Little kids were especially interested and I gave a few guided tours of the studio and answered all kinds of questions the way only teachers can.)
He had a lot of interest in the mugs he's been working on for his Kickstarter backers.
Our friends Justin and Jessica hung out for most of the day (James and Rhonda also stopped by earlier). All told, Matt was there from 8:30 until 10, and I was there from 11:30 onward, so it was a long but gratifying day.
Matt let Justin try out the wheel and it was pretty hilarious.
Although Matt didn't sell any pieces, there were a good number of people interested in commissioning pieces, and everyone took a business card. It was so gratifying to hear them as they entered the studio; everyone was surprised and impressed with the detail and obvious skill evident in Matt's work.
The space looks very official now that all the pieces have their titles and prices listed.
He's still working primarily on Kickstarter awards, but I know he's really anxious to get to work on larger projects.

If you want to follow along as Matt continues to make progress, here are his Instagramwebsite, and Facebook accounts.

What is your favorite kind of art?
What did you do for July 4th?


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Freedom from Fear (and Shirts)

I've always wanted to be a runner who could run shirtless. I used to tell myself, "One day, when I'm fit enough, that will be me." My primary reason for setting this goal is that running in Florida is hot and every layer makes a difference. You wouldn't think shedding one thin, breathable layer would make much difference, but it really does. My primary reason for putting the goal off? I didn't think I looked fit enough to "deserve" to run shirtless.

Running shirtless is a topic we see a lot in summer, and a couple awesome women in the Sub 30 women's sub-group decided to host a virtual event that encouraged the ladies in our group to celebrate freedom from the shirt on the 4th of July. Men don't think twice about whipping off their shirts when it's hot out; why should we?
When this event was first announced, I decided that if I kept waiting for "one day", I'd never really feel ready. So I decided to run shirtless before I felt ready (fake it 'til you make it, right?), and since that first run I've found it easier to make it a habit. I've felt lighter, cooler, and weirdly...more free.
Real bodies; real women MOVE.
It's been really amazing to see so many strong women with a multitude of athletic accomplishments under their belts shed their shirts and embrace their bodies. I honestly can't tell you how inspired and motivated it has made me. The strength and support of other women in this movement helped me stomp that naysaying voice into submission.

The thing that stops many of us from running shirtless is that we don't think we look good enough to  pull it off. Well, who cares if you don't look "good enough"? What standards are we even using to measure what good enough means?

I'm sick of being uncomfortable when I run because of some self-created fear that people might judge me. If they don't like it, they don't have to look! My body doesn't exist for the eyes of others; it doesn't exist for their pleasure. It's a strong body that has gotten me through dozens of 5ks and 10ks, 10 half marathons, and three marathons. It supported me through Ragnar. It allows me to get up and go to work and live my life.
Looking at the women who participated in this event, it drives home the point that insecurities are rarely about what we actually look like. I don't understand why any of these women are self-conscious because I think they all look great. As they posted their photos, every comment confirmed what I felt: "You look awesome!" "You look confident!" "You look strong!" The stories accompanying the photos were full of self-realization and empowerment. 

I remembered that the flaws we see in ourselves are rarely visible to others.

You wouldn't think running shirtless would be as freeing as it turned out to be...But it is. I've wasted a lot of time hoping to someday be "fit enough" to run shirtless, and now I know that when I say women of any fitness level deserve to wear whatever they want, it applies to me, too.
I talk a lot about body acceptance and appreciating your body for what it's capable of. I need to work harder to apply that thinking to myself. Why not? For all I know, maybe people see me running shirtless and think, "If only I had that confidence."

Somedays I still feel weird about running without a shirt. I know each summer, after winter running dictates I need a shirt due to weather, this will be a renewed battle. But I also know that this kind of confidence (even if I'm faking it sometimes) is contagious, because Elizabeth has followed suit and run shirtless with me a couple times now, and that makes the discomfort worth it...because I want all women to feel comfortable enough to run shirtless whenever they want! 
If my step forward helps others get there, then that's a good thing for everyone. And I couldn't have done it without the community of women who encouraged each other to rock our bodies. Thank you for joining in and inspiring each other, ladies! And a special thanks to the women who were willing to let me share their pictures today: Meaghan, Tory, Tina, Dianne, Cathy, Candace, Patricia, Meagan, Kim, Nancy, Tovah, Kirsten, Chelsea, Steph, Honore, and Kara!

Whether you feel ready or not, taking a step outside your comfort zone is how we grow...and how we grow stronger. I'm glad I've stopped waiting for "one day" and am learning to be comfortable in my skin sooner rather than later.

Do you run without a shirt on?
What's a risk you want to take but don't feel ready to?
When's the last time you left your comfort zone?


Monday, July 4, 2016

Weekly Workouts 6/27-7/3

Monday: Because I missed Sunday's long run, I ran Monday. I wasn't feeling it at all but forced myself to go out and do something before it was too dark on the golf course. I ended up enjoying a gorgeous sunset, three easy, happiness-inducing miles, and a new podcast. Glad I went!

Tuesday: Speed work day. I did six (I think) .3 repeats and upper body between (bicep curls, Arnold, and tricep dips). The duckling fiasco kind of took the wind out of my sails, but my rest breaks were shorter without Elizabeth with me and my repeats were faster (one was even 7:11!).

I left not feeling really great but glad I got something done. I think maybe I'm struggling with some burnout this week; it's hard to stay motivated in this heat! I may need to switch things up.

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: It felt really good to do some strength stuff, especially because my quads and hamstrings were sore from Tuesday's workout. I completed the ab/butt video twice with the arm video between.

It will never cease to amaze me how much these videos hurt even though on the surface they seem ridiculously easy!

Friday: A little more than 3.5 miles before dark. I wish the golf course had lights of some kind because I really wanted to do 5, but ran short on time. This it totally my own fault because I should have started earlier, but there are golfers out on the course until about 7:15pm. I'd rather not get hit by a stray ball, so I usually wait until after they're finished to start.

Saturday: A few minutes of intense abs (I just did my own thing - no video or circuit) and some stretching. My hamstrings and quads were still kind of achy, and my calves were a bit tender.

Sunday: Rest. I worked with Matt in his studio to get it ready for its GRAND OPENING on the 4th of July. We were there late and then his mom came to pick up Milo (her Yorkie, who we've been watching for her while she was in St. Croix visiting Scott).

Have a happy 4th, everyone!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Things I'm Wondering Lately

How does prednisone affect my runs? My allergies have been really awful, so I'm back on a course of prednisone along with my usual nasal sprays and various allergy medications. Technically prednisone is a steroid (it's a corticosteroid, to be exact), so I sometimes wonder if it has any effect on my running at all. Not in the way anabolic steroids certainly doesn't build muscle. But maybe it helps me feel fresher and recover faster because of the anti-inflammatory effects?

It's definitely making it hard to sleep, which made me put off my long run last Sunday morning. Blah.

When we're talking about effort during a run, do we mean the effort of our legs or our lungs? During Friday's run, I felt I was pushing myself but the pace was comfortably doable. I was breathing fine, but holding a conversation might have been a little difficult. My legs felt great except for some aches from squats Thursday. In total, the run felt moderately tough over-all, but what am I really supposed to judge it by?
Running in and out of sprinklers meant my pace was all over the place, but generally this run felt effortless and challenging!
Is it better to be a person who walks away from conflict, or someone who consistently speaks up? I've fallen into the latter category for ages now, and sometimes I think it's best to be the bigger person and let things go. But I also think that people (especially women) who choose that route end up looking weak, even if their intention was to be strong. In today's political climate, I can't help but be vocal because I feel like sitting quietly won't exact change. Maybe speaking up won't exact change either, but at least I can say I'm trying.
This guy called me a chump and followed up with worse in the next tweet. I chose not to respond; I'm worried he thinks he "won", but what's the point of engaging with someone like this?
When will I start to feel like an adult? Then again, does anyone ever really feel like an adult? Like they have it all together? On the same topic, is it bad that I feel the most adult when I'm spending money on furniture and home appliances? That's totally society, socialization, and conspicuous consumption/marketing getting into my head, isn't it?

Do I take too many selfies? I like recording my runs and workouts on Instagram for myself and for the support I get, but I don't want to come across as self-involved! I mean, really, though...what is a post-workout selfie if not self-promotion and involvement at its finest?
Followup: Is it a selfie if other people are in it? Is Elizabeth equally "selfied" if she doesn't technically take any of these shots?
ETA: Interesting timing for me to have posted about this, as the selfie debate continues. I think selfies have helped me feel more comfortable in my skin and more confident. Thoughts on that?
Are my consistent workouts actually paying off? I feel really good - I'm seeing a change in my pace, stamina, and strength - but I'm not seeing much change in my body. Clothes fit pretty much the same, and I'm not noticing any more muscle definition. When will I get to look in the mirror and be like, "Oh yeah, it's paying off!"?

Do you have answers to any of these questions?
What are you wondering lately?