Sunday, July 17, 2016

Weekly Workouts 7/11-7/17

I traveled a LOT this week, but still managed to be fairly successful with my workouts. I'm feeling good about overcoming circumstances and making fitness a priority on the road!

Monday: After traveling up to Clearwater to visit with my Sub30 buddy Melanie, I settled in at my parents' house for training this week and got in a couple quick ab circuits. Please disregard the stupid video titles. I really like Blogilates but I don't like that her older video titles really play on the old "bikini body" tropes.
I did 10 burpees before and 10 after, too.

Tuesday: After training from 9-12, it was looking very stormy at my parents'. They live on a loop that's 2/3 of a mile, so when it was clear that it wasn't going to storm but was going to stay kind of dark and cool, I went out for an earlier run than usual.
True story: 86 and 65% humidity felt downright cool at first. It's crazy how humidity can make such a difference.
As you can see by my splits, toward the end the clouds began to blow over and it started to heat up again and I began to feel queasy. I didn't want to run the last lap but I convinced myself to do it, even if it was slow. I know I also suffered because I've never done these longer repeats so fast; I'm usually in the 8:30s the entire time. The first three splits were closer to how fast I run 1/3 of a mile at the park. Between laps I did bicep curls, presses, and pushups.

Wednesday & Thursday: I rested both days. Wednesday my right hip flexor really hurt so I planned to rest, and Thursday we ended up having a late dinner with friends and driving all over Sarasota to visit Matt's old ceramics teacher and nana. I was okay with taking two rest days in a row because traveling allows leads to special circumstances.

Friday: I got up before work and ran 5 miles because I knew I wouldn't have a chance in the afternoon - more travel! I thought I'd only have time for four miles, but my new shoes and cooler weather (75F with 67% humidity!) meant I ran fast enough to fit in five!
I am super excited for my new Ravennas. I'll post about them after I've tried them out more, but I think I've finally got a good replacement for the Kayanos!

Saturday: We drove up to St. Augustine Friday night to spend the weekend at our friends' beach house. I was so excited to do a quick circuit in the morning on the balcony to our bedroom. It was hot and mildly breezy; I did about 15 minutes of core and upper-body stuff.
Sunday: I haven't really been motivated to run long at all since it's gotten so much hotter in July. Luckily, that's fine because I'm not training for anything long and this is my year for short distance! I got up and ran 4 miles at 9:38 pace (and negative splits the entire time) and felt pretty good about it all, especially because after a day hanging out with friends, it was hard to muster the energy to get out of bed.
But it was worth it, because this greeted me as I stepped outside! I ran on the Coastal Highway rather than on the beach because the tide was too high, but it was still a lovely run and a gorgeous view!

How was your week?
Do you like running on the beach?
Where do you go for weekend getaways? 



  1. Getaway? What's that? I could so use one, too. We have nothing planned until the end of September & right now we're not even sure about that.

    I LOVE to run on the beach. I don't envy you your heat (even though some of our weather lately has actually been approaching it, a lot of 90 degree, humid days & that's not normal up here), but I absolutely envy you the ocean.

  2. Your 800 splits are awesome girl! When is your next race? What is a dead bug? Hehe.

    1. My next scheduled race is October 15! It's a 10k I'm hoping to PR.

      So, dead bugs are a pilates move but actually not the one I did! If you go to this video, the dead bug is at 25:50 but the move I did was the one after it called "alternating teaser preps", at 27:00.

    2. Oops, this video:

  3. I always admire runners in FL that deal with that heat so much longer than I do! Glad you had some slightly cooler weather for your 5 miler! :) And those are some great speedy splits on your repeats! Awesome job! Side note, those shoe are so pretty! Love the purple!! I was a Brooks girl for a long time, but the last 2 models haven't worked for me (of the Adrenaline). Still hoping the next model will be more similar to some of the previous models that I liked.

    1. The first Brooks I ever tried were the Adrenalines in 2013. I just didn't like them - they felt really hard under my feet! The search for new shoes is so stressful!

  4. My week was pretty good. Running was so-so, but I was productive so I was able to get a lot done. I like running on paved paths near the beach because it's always goregous, but running on sand is torture! One mile feels 10x harder than normal! :-| We typically go to Chicago for weekend getaways--it's about 2.5-3 hours away, so not too bad.

  5. What a great view! You are making me miss Florida! I ran adjacent to the beach in Fort Lauderdale last year, it was really cool to see the ocean behind the buildings. To date, that was one of the most beautiful runs I've done... a hot ones for sure, but beautiful!

    great week of work outs!

  6. You did really well fitting all the training in despite travel. Good job (I am not always as disciplined!) I love running on the beach (well, along the beach, not necessarily in the sand, but maybe I should try that).