Thursday, July 21, 2016

Playing Designer

This week, Skirt Sports is rolling out their inaugural "Sewing Room" event. I'm really excited about this for a couple reasons.
1 - It gives female athletes a chance to have a say design their athletic gear. Trying on new running clothes can be really frustrating - armholes cut into your pits, tops bunch in a wear spot, waists or legs gap or pinch...I wish I had the money to just get all my clothes tailored, now that I think about it. 

But the Sewing Room gives us the chance to share our ideas for designs that will improve Skirt Sports clothes. More pockets! More reflective fabric! More sizes! New fabrics/prints/details/designs...The list is endless, really, and nothing is off the table.
Clearly SS isn't afraid to try something new!
2 - It allows women to vote on ideas they like and help crowd fund designs if they're so inclined. This was successful last year with the Gotta Go Skirt. Customers told Skirt Sports they wanted a skirt that made it easy to pee on the go, and now it's a reality.

You can wield the power of Heidi Klum and decide who's in and who's out!
Anyone else a big fan of this show? I always felt like I was the best judge ever.
3 - If there's a retired item or print you really liked, this is a chance to request its return to production. I'm looking at you, Super Girl tank!
You all should know by now that I'm obsessed with pockets. I can't believe this tank is discontinued!
I wish all athletic clothing companies were this encouraging of feedback from their customers. I love that Skirt Sports really wants to hear what we want, and actually acts on the feedback!
Admittedly, this first event is on a tight time crunch (designs are due by August 3), but this is just the first of many times they plan to roll it out. I think it's pretty cool; I can't wait to see the ideas other women come up with.

Tell me about your dream running outfit.
What's the worst piece of running clothing you've ever owned? I once bought a bra that smelled weird in the store because I thought the smell would wash out. It never did! I always smelled like burned rubber when I wore it on a run!



  1. Wow, this is really cool and I may have just become a fan of SS. I would have loved that top as well. Wonder why they discontinued it?

  2. That skirt is such a clever idea!!

    I always wish for more reflective stuff on running wear, especially black stuff, because I don't like to wear bright fluorescent shirts.

    My worst piece of athletic clothing was (still is) a pair of leggings that was a bit too tight on the waist. Everything else was perfect about it, the legs fit, the butt fit, the fabric was light and would dry super quick, but the waistband squeezed my belly. It was a love/ hate relationship for a while.

  3. I want glow in the dark stuff....I love my Nike jacket that really does and good looking gear!!!

  4. Was the burned rubber top made by Nike? I only have one running top from Nike and as soon as sweat hits it that burned rubber smell comes out so strong! I hardly ever wear it because it creeps me out.

    That Super Girl top... wow, I love it! Let's make running tops great again and bring it back ;).