Sunday, July 10, 2016

The "Newlywed" Game

I borrowed this idea from Megan! Today, July 10, Matt and I are celebrating 6 years of marriage - over half a decade! - so I decided we should play a how well do you really know your spouse game. I sent him questions and we each answered them for each other. Let's see how we did!

Now, not to toot my own horn or anything here, but I totally aced this. Matt had a lot of fun answering the questions and I had to edit his original answers down a bit, and they're still a bit long. I thought it was funny that he was sure I wouldn't know his first job, but I did, because I know him better than he even realizes.
I even got his Hollywood crush right, and he doesn't even HAVE a Hollywood crush!
I didn't edit #7 because I really love that he likes Alex Morgan for her feminism.
I told him, "I'm in your head!" and he looked vaguely concerned. Matt, on the other hand, was surprised that so many of his answers were "wrong". He claims I don't know myself as well as I think I do!
His answer to #11 is SPOT ON regarding Emma Watson.
Some of his answers aren't wrong...I just didn't give him lots of backup options like he gave me. In reality, he totally nailed 3, 4, and 11 along with the answers that obviously match up.

This probably isn't interesting to anyone but us, but y'know what? It's our anniversary and I'll post what I want to! ;)

Of course, a wedding post wouldn't be complete without a nostalgic look back on some of my favorite wedding photos.
Our first dance; laughing after Matt broke the glass at our ceremony; our first dance again; Steph's MOH speech; kisses at dinner; and my favorite of our posed shots.
We had a fairly traditional, non-denominational wedding, but we made it our own by incorporating some important Jewish traditions like the breaking of the glass and the chuppah. It was beautiful and intimate and a lot of fun! I've posted for our anniversary a few times, and I always get requests for more photos, so I'll link the other posts if you're interested:

2014 (Matt's contribution to the blog...No wedding pictures, but I forgot he wrote this and it was nice to go back and read!)

I know we got married young (I look almost the same but Matt has aged very well if I do say so myself!), but I still think it was one of the best decisions I ever made!
Here's to us and another fantastic year <3
Did you have a traditional wedding?
How well do you think you know your SO? 
How well does your SO know you?



  1. Happy Anniversary! How are you guys celebrating today??

    I loved reading this. Lots to say. First, why did you "make" Matt take out his earring? And how do you define "make"? Like "I'll leave you if you don't take out your earring"?????? hahah ;) Also, I think it's awesome how he weaved in equal pay for women into his celeb crush answer!! I have a crush on Natalie Portman too! She is so beautiful! Did you know she is playing RBG in a biopic??? I never had an old fashioned and had to google it, but I like whiskey and it sounds like something I would like!

    A couple things.. I didn't know you like dirty martinis! I really like those. :) Also, I don't think I realized you liked Real Housewives. I used to watch NY and loved it. I really loved Bethenny Frankel back in the day but now I think she is annoying and I don't like her "skinnygirl" brand because I think it sends a bad message.

  2. Happy anniversary! Time sure does fly doesn't it?

  3. Happy anniversary!!!

    Being best friends with JK Rowling is just ideal. She seems to always know the right thing to say. I love her Twitter account. I'd love to be best friends with her or Emma too!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I love posts like these!!! Here is to a another wonderful year!!

  5. Happy Anniversary and congratulations! You look exactly the same as you did in your wedding pictures! Beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous!

    Men always say the don't have Hollywood crushes, but then reveal a foot long list!

    When you become best friends with JK Rowling, can you talk her into writing more about Snape and Lupin? I love those two!

    My wedding was semi- traditional. We added some of the basic things that are done in Mexican weddings, and it was in English and Spanish. It was nice. I saved some of those things for my son, since I'm no longer married to his dad.

  6. Happy anniversary - 6 years is awesome. We celebrated 10 (gasp!) this year.