Thursday, January 12, 2017

TOL - Just Some Things

Today I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons to share some random thoughts.

1. More kitchen stuff! Our kitchen island came! I spent over four hours putting it together all by myself. It was a pain because the instructions weren't clear about which way certain boards had to face, so I ended up taking it apart and starting over twice.
I insisted on building this all alone and it SUCKED but now I feel like I can do anything!
But it's gorgeous! I built the doors and drawer and lifted the granite top (which is real granite and so freaking heavy) and everything! I was pretty proud.
It was really hard to get a good angle in these photos but you get the idea!
I've already used it to prep breakfast and dinner and I'm so glad I finally decided to just jump in and buy one - Matt and I had debated getting an island for months but it was definitely the right choice. 

2. Self-love. This week I realized how far I've come in the "body acceptance" area of my life. Like, I've finally gone from "acceptance" to full on embracing my body.

Instagram always brings up a lot of fitness accounts when I'm scrolling through searching for new people to follow, and often that means "fitspo"-type posts come up. Looking at some of those photos this week, I found that I wasn't comparing myself to IG accounts of perfectly fit or impossibly thin women.
I've spoken only briefly of it in the past, but I've dealt with disordered eating and I was surprised and proud to see that my mindset has finally naturally shifted away from wanting a waif-like body. (Some people are naturally waif-like, and that's fine, but that's not me.) I've never been happier with where my body is and what it's capable of, and it felt really good to avoid that comparison trap completely without having to consciously readjust my mindset.

3. RUNNING! Getting four runs in last week, even if our "long run" was shorter than planned, felt so good. I told Elizabeth after one of my two runs in late December that my body and mind felt good after running even if my legs didn't - I forget how important running is to my over-all wellbeing. I am so, so happy to be running again.
It feels great to be back!
Elizabeth raised a good point when so many people teased us for wearing long sleeves on our run Sunday...It literally goes from 80+ degrees to 50s overnight in Florida. We never acclimate to winter properly because the temperature drops 30 degrees without warning! That makes me feel better about how cold I felt!

4. Conversations on the run. While running one afternoon, Elizabeth and I received a few more honks than usual. (One of them was very encouraging and called out, "Keep it up, girls!" but the rest were just obnoxious as usual.)

We'd been having a normal running conversation, but eventually I couldn't ignore how strange it was that we'd received more honks during this one run than on the last dozen combined.

Me: "I wonder if we look really good right now, or if we look like we're dying and need to be woken up. Or if they think this is our New Year's resolution and they're trying to encourage us?"

E: "I wonder if they'd honk at us if they knew we were talking about poop."
I died laughing. Seriously! I imagine the people who honk and catcall would be pretty surprised if we turned around and told them we'd been talking about how running wreaks havoc on your intestinal tract.

We joked a little bit about maybe getting shirts that say WE'RE TALKING ABOUT POOP on the back so drivers have fair warning. It might make a good deterrent!

5. Candids. And, just because, here's an outtake from our workout picture from Monday. An old student had stopped by as we finished up, so he took the photo, and we were joking around about how we should pose.
Me: Let's look really sad that our arms hurt now. E: You are a dork.

What are some random things going on in your life this week?
Have you ever built furniture? (IKEA counts!)



  1. LOL let's look sad that our arms hurt!!!! That's the most relatable thing I've ever read on a fitness blog!

    I am so good at building IKEA furniture! Like pro level. However, I cannot build anything from any other company. I don't know how IKEA engineers do it, but they make putting stuff together so easy! Adam's always like "do you want me to do it?" and I'm like "no, get away, this is the one thing I can do in life! let me do this and gloat about it for the next three years!"

    1. I am totally going to gloat about building the island for YEARS. And every time Matt uses it I'm like "Aren't you glad I built it?!?!"

      You gotta love a transparent fitness blogger ;) We all pose for our pictures! lol!

  2. I remember buying a desk chair, and before I could put it together, your brother did it! I tried to be gracious, but I was really mad. Love from the worst mom ever.

    1. Haha! How helpful of him. It must have been before he became a surly teenager.

  3. I suck at putting stuff together- so I'm super impressed you put that whole thing together by your self- it is gorgeous, by the way!


    1. Thanks! It was a beast but now I feel invincible!

  4. Omg sometimes I think building furniture from idea is harder than freaking chopping a tree down and making it myself! The island looks great and you have plenty of space for it. We have a peninsula we use all the time.

    I'm glad you are feeling comfortable in your body! I have my days where I don't feel great about mine but they are few and far between. Coincidentally, one of those days is today and it is making me sad.

    1. You are so strong and fit, and you JUST posted your awesome arms...I know we all have off days, but you are seriously such an inspiration I hope your off day has passed!

  5. I am the furniture builder of my house! I built my dining room set, and my bed. My bed was easier than my dinning room set. My brother asked me if he could take my dining room set (it's an extra now) and abandon it in his apartment, I said "no way! I build that with my own hands".... obviously not all on my own, but I did put it together!

    Runners and mothers talk very freely about poo... "Did you poo yet?" is a normal question at my home, so I totally get it.

    1. I think building furniture is fun and challenging. It really makes you take pride in it! I don't blame you for not giving away your dining room set haha!

  6. Hahaha I need a shirt that says "I'm talking about poop." Because seriously, that's what runners do. I hate obnoxious honkers.