Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 1/9-1/16

This week's recap includes two Mondays; we didn't have work today and pushed our long run back from Sunday because I was working at Matt's studio all weekend during the art festival! I'll post about that later probably. For now, here's this week:

Monday: It's been awhile, but I made Elizabeth promise to hold me accountable for cross training at school. We did two rounds of the core workout below and then I spent a few hours building our kitchen island.

Tuesday: My thighs were feeling Monday's workout! Tuesday's run felt fantastic; it was the first time we kept a really speedy pace since my calf issues. So liberating!
Wednesday: Rest day. I was in Sarasota all day for work; when I got back I went straight to an art showcase Matt was participating in. It was so fun to be his lovely assistant while he worked on the wheel.
Thursday: Another flat four miles. My legs are starting to feel what being back in training means, but in a good way. Lots of good, non-injured, happily-used muscle soreness going on.
Friday: Rest...Our friend Oden was in town and we went out to dinner. I began to notice some tightness in my lungs and wondered if there were some fires nearby, so I didn't mind the rest day.

Saturday: I got up and ran 4 miles alone before heading to Upriver Ceramics for a full day of schmoozing and selling art! My lungs weren't great and I started prednisone doses that afternoon. We met Oden and Todd afterward for dinner, drinks, and mini golf.
I stayed VERY hydrated on Saturday night...hence our long run moving to Monday! I also got two holes-in-one!
Sunday: Another long day (10-5) on my feet at the studio. My feet and legs were tired!
Monday: Elizabeth and I ran a nice 9.4 miles in the morning. We got to start a little late (8am) because it was "cool" and overcast. My lungs weren't great but they were better controlled than Saturday. I ran with my inhaler but didn't need it. My legs are still feeling strong and happy!
We look a mess.
Total miles: 21

Over all this was a great week! I'm so glad we got a real long run in because we have just about four weeks to race day, so it's crunch time! Our training was pretty derailed over winter break and we've had to make some major adjustments, but I still think our goal is within reach.



  1. I'm glad you had a good week. That is so cool that you get to help Matt like that. Is the studio near your home?

    1. Yes, his studio is about 15 or 20 minutes from home so it's pretty convenient!

  2. YES for running strong, happy, and injury-free! I don't think you look a mess in that last pic. You both look strong!

  3. Your goal is definitely still within reach! Even though you took some down time during the holidays, you started your training cycle out with long runs right from the get go, so I bet it all evens out!

    1. Agreed. We've had to readjust our timeline for getting Elizabeth to 15 miles...she'll have to hit that goal AFTER the half, but it's still within reach. That's the nice thing about running; it's a lifelong commitment so there's no need to run a goal!

  4. You did get in some good miles! I am glad your muscles are feeling good and you are back in the swing of things.

  5. how are your lungs feeling now?

    Is that a Margarita? It looks yummy! I've been craving margaritas today, I don't know why.

    Did you run up that hill? It looks intense!

    1. A little better. Three days of prednisone seemed to clear things up a bit.

      Yes, it's a margarita! I usually prefer straighter liquor but I was just craving one!!

      We actually tried to jump at the top of the hill for a cool picture and were like "omg no ow" haha! We did not run up it!

  6. Excellent week! Sorry to hear about your lung issues, hopefully you're feeling better now. Great pacing too!

  7. Eek, sorry about your lung issues, hope that goes away soon! But glad to hear the calf cramping is gone! It's funny what you consider a long day on your feet haha...from a retail perspective that's a short day! At expo the longest day was 8a-8:30p...12.5 hours. Challenging, but fun :-)