Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Runners' Acronyms

My friend and Sub-30 Club founder Ted Spiker wrote an article recently that I just had to participate in. Runners really have their own language, but this is something totally different!

Ted's instructions are to edit the answers to reflect your running life. My answers are below. (The links are references and various Runner's World articles for those who are interested in the acronyms' origins.)

DNS: Did Not Start—No; I've never skipped a race for any reason.
DNF: Did Not Finish—No.
DNRTAL: Did Not Remember To Apply Lube—Oy, yes. The chafing on my bra-line that lasted weeks is a testament to that.
DFL: Dead Freaking Last—Not that I know of!
FFF: Finished Freaking First—Never.
BQ: Boston Qualified—LOL...no.
DQ: Didn’t Quit—Every. Single. Day.
POPOPOP: Pancake on Pancake on Pancake on Pancake—More like WOWOW. Waffle on waffle on waffle...Or COCOCO (cupcake on cupcake on cupcake...)
LYORP: Liked Your Own Race Photo—Yes! I've been lucky enough to have a few good ones.
It's between this one (finishing my first marathon) and the one below (finishing with my marathon PR). How can you not love photos that show the joy and relief of accomplishing such a thing?!
WAMTD: Wore a Medal to Dinner—I've worn a medal to brunch/lunch after a race. But never to dinner.
BTW: Bemoaned the Weather—For sure; about 9 months out of the year, really.
SSP: Shared Shoe Photos—Oh yeah!
TBT: Threw-up By Track—Ha, luckily no!
PR: Personal Record—YES! I'm still basking in joy over my marathon PR last February and my 5k PR in October.
PB: Personal Bartie—Yes! I feel special!
With Bart before the Space Coast Marathon!
CRAP: Certifiably Ruined a Porta-Potty—Haven't we all?
LOL: Leaked On Leg—Although I've tried, I can't seem to pee while in the middle of a run.
OMG: Ordered Many GUs—I've definitely ordered a giant box of Caramel Macchiato Gu from Amazon in the past.
Here's an old picture of Archie guarding my Gu from poachers.
BFF: Blessed with Fast Feet—Some days are more blessed than others.
BRB: Blisters Rubbed Bloody—Luckily no!
WTF: Waddled Through Finish—Not quite.
IDK: Injured Damn Knee—Ugh. Yes. Strengthening my hips and glutes has really helped with that, though.
EAT: Eulogized a Toenail—Yep, and boy was I proud!
I don't think it ever fell off, but it was bruised and nasty until it grew out! Also, how great is the quality on this old photo?!
GPBAJ: Got Passed By a Joggler—Not that I know of!

I'm sure many of you can relate!

Do any of these acronyms apply to you?



  1. LOL this is a fun post! I never DNF'ed but I DNS'ed A LOT. Now I never sign up until the last minute. :)

  2. I have DNSed and BRBed too. Often BTWed A few times LYORPed.

  3. Ha ha! This is hilarious! I've DNSd but haven't recently, so that's a plus!