Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly Workouts 10/31-11/6

Elizabeth and I are officially training for the A1A half - remember, you can get 15% off the race by using coupon code ALI at checkout! - so I've decided to add total weekly mileage to my workout recaps.

Monday: Happy Halloween! We created a circuit to do at school. I had forgotten shoes and Elizabeth forgot her water so we were a bit limited in our exercises, but it ended up being a pretty good workout.
We did each exercise for 30 seconds and did the circuit 4 times.
Tuesday: 4 miles over the bridge. I've decided to use the same training plan I used the first half I really trained for and ran well. That means our weekday runs will all incorporate the bridge. It's a good way to build strength and speed without dedicated speed work.
First official run of training - done!
This run was kind of rough. I needed a walk break each time we finished our ascent, but I wasn't stressed about it because we have sixteen weeks to get strong, and I know running the bridge consistently will make it feel easy sooner rather than later.

Wednesday: 4 miles. Better! Only one walk break and much more consistent.
Thursday: Rest/volleyball. This was the night of Matt's film festival, so I didn't get a workout in.

Friday: 4 miles. This run felt awesome. We both felt very strong and ache-free. We paused at the top of the bridge on the second ascent because a motorcade was going by beneath us on the interstate! Tons of cop cars, town cars with American flags in the windows, and a big RV went by before I was able to get my phone out. A helicopter followed overhead. I think it was Tim Kaine because he was in town Saturday for a rally!
This was the best photo I could get of the motorcade.
Unfortunately, apparently bad luck with watches is just my thing now. My Garmin splits were all messed up and make no sense.
We ran 4 miles, but this turned up. 6 splits for a 4 mile run? The moving time and elevation aren't right, either. What did I do that made this turn up?
I think our last mile was quite fast and I wish I knew if the data were accurate.

Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: 7.15 miles. It's been since Sanibel that we've done a long run, so I was nervous but excited. This run means we're really training and that we completed our first week with flying colors!
Seven miles, easy 10:42 pace.
I'm not thinking about our paces at this point. We'll think about setting goals for A1A in January, but at this point I'm just happy to be training again! The run went really well - we didn't have to pause for any kind of breaks, and we just enjoyed ourselves and the run.

Total mileage: 19.

Did you have a good training week?



  1. Ooh I would have waved at Tim if I thought I saw his helicopter! Not like he would see me, but I would be a dork like that. :)

  2. Hmmm that Garmin glitch is weird. Maybe you hit the lap button twice in quick succession right after starting. That's the only thing I can think of.

    Great first week of training for A1A. I did not have a good week. I'm actually going to the doctor this morning for some blood work to be checked for Hashimotos again. I just can't seem to find any energy among other things. I'm hoping to get some clear results/options for moving forward, so I don't feel like I'm on a death march during every run. My go-by-effort-easy-pace is about a minute faster than it was during the summer, but at the end of each run I'm shocked because it honestly feels like I'm crawling by at a 30 minute per mile pace!

  3. That is a strange glitch! Did you accidentally hit the lap button?

    What a great training week! is Elizabeth excited? I think I am super excited for her!