Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My First Skirt

How's this for something a little different for today's Tuesdays on the Run link up? About a month ago it was my turn to share my "first skirt" story on Skirt Sports's blog. It was a fun experience to write for a different blog and to contribute to the Skirt community.

If you're interested in reading my post about getting my first skirt, click below!
Click here to read the full story!
Looking back on this experience, I realized that wearing my running skirts will always be a connection to my mom and my first marathon. It's funny how even the simplest material things can evoke so many memories and emotions, and take on more than just their physical meaning.

(By the way, if you want to treat yourself, Skirt Sports is having their 70% off sale right now, and as always you can use ABK20 on regularly priced items for a 20% discount, too. I wish I lived somewhere colder because their Toasty collection looks amazing.)
Tell me about a simple gift you've received that's taken on more meaning for you.



  1. I have never worn a skirt sports running skirt but that brand seems to be very popular in the running community. Maybe I should give it a try. That is a great discount they are offering.

  2. None of my running skirts were gifts but I love them for the simple fact that my phone fits perfectly in the pockets! I think I may upgrade my phone this year and sadly none of the others would fit. Wouldn't it be funny if I brought my running skirt into the Verizon store and based my purchase off of which phone fits in the pocket??? I just may do that!

  3. Love your story on the Skirt Sports blog. I totally remember when your mom got you that first skirt after space coast! I enjoy running races in skirts but I've still yet to do a training run in one! I bought the SS race magnet skirt MONTHS ago and still haven't used it since I haven't raced since Feb. But all of that changes this week:)

  4. Love your post! I have never tried a running skirt, I really should give them a try...they are so cute!

    Speaking of clothing, my boyfriend got me a pair of Nebraska plush socks for Xmas a few years ago and I almost lost them when on vacation. I never realized how much they meant to me as I was so distraught! Thankfully, I ended up finding them! :P

  5. I've never worn a running skirt. I think they're so cute on other people but I'm just not a skirt kind of gal.