Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekly Workouts 11/14-11/20

Monday: Rest. I should have done some core work but I was just...lazy. (Later in the week I started to feel really run down. Maybe this laziness was a sign I'm developing a little cold.)

Tuesday: 5am run over the bridge (4 miles)! We had our first volleyball game this evening so I had to get my run in early. Very solid paces. I'm enjoying this cooler weather that's finally come our way!
During this run I needed to take a walk break or two because my stomach was upset for some reason. I ended up feeling sick throughout most of the day. I'm not sure why I got sick, but it happened again on Sunday's run.

Wednesday: Volleyball practice and 4 miles over the bridge again.
Thursday: Rest and our second volleyball game!

Friday: Another morning run (4 miles, bridge) as I had plans in the evening. Getting up at 4:25am isn't too bad once you're moving, but it takes a lot of willpower! Our splits on Friday were INSANE.
Saturday: Rest. I was supposed to do a core workout but I didn't feel great...I went out and saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them instead.

Sunday: I woke up before my alarm feeling congested and kind of gross. I texted Elizabeth to postpone our long run (11 miles) and we tried to go at 4pm. I had to call it quits early on. My stomach rebelled, my head and lungs felt congested...just not good.
We're planning to try again on Wednesday morning because we don't have work.

Total Mileage: 14 miles.

This week didn't go as planned in a lot of ways, but I am really proud of us for getting two morning weekday runs in and for those amazing splits! Consistent bridge running is paying off already!



  1. Those are some good splits! I am sorry you aren't feeling that great. We don't work Wed either. We normally do, so this is a treat!

  2. Great job on those bridge runs, so speedy! I bet the cooler weather feels amazing. Sorry to hear you've been battling some illness...I had some stomach issues during the marathon that really threw me off! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Look at those splits!! Good job! I'm sorry you were feeling sick, that sucks! I'm getting a cold now, and trying to make it go away soon.

    I hope you feel better!

  4. Nice splits! Hope you feel better soon!