Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bear With Me...Get Ready for Random

I tried to get photos of the shelves Matt's been making and hanging around the new house, but none of the photos are really that interesting. So here's one of him actually working as he builds floating shelves from scratch.
His expression says: "Please stop taking candids of me."
We've had good weather for outdoor work, and that includes running. I've been taking as much advantage as possible.

Since my first run on the golf course, which I did without music, I've been trying to ditch the tunes for short runs/the beginning of long runs. I figure I'll want to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the marathon and, toward the end, I may want a pick-me-up. If I listen to music/podcasts for too long, I get sensory overload. So planning to run some of the race musicless seems like a good idea.

But you can't do something new on race day, so I've been running the first couple miles of long runs, and all of my short runs, without music.

It's really liberating. And I actually love the sound of my feet hitting the packed shells and sand along the golf course. It's just me, the crunch of my steps, and a few squawking birds and croaking frogs.
Something like three teeny pinpricks of rain hit me on this run, but the cool air and breeze were welcome!
Monday I ran three miles without music, which is my longest silent run ever. My brain started to kind of wander into its own weird thought process. I was thinking about Archie because...well, why not? Particularly, I was thinking of how we got his name (Archibald Michelangelo), and that led me to think that his name has the perfect ending.
Why not zone out thinking about this cute little fluffer?! For those wondering about how big Archie is, this photo is actually shows him LARGER than he is.
My little sister in my sorority, Jenn, has a dachshund named Roxy. She has this habit of calling her "Rox-YYYYYYY" with a really drawn-out and high-pitched "eeee" sound at the end. And now, when I think of Archie's name, I attach that same "eeee" ending sometimes.

And that, in turn, got me thinking about all the things I've learned from Jenn, beginning with:

1. The best pet names end in "ee" sounds and sound best when spoken at a squeal.

2. Date 'em and dump 'em. Jenn had (past tense, because now she's engaged) a tendency to date a guy, zero in on exactly what she didn't like, and date a new guy who didn't have that particular quality. Boyfriend too shallow? The next is sure to have more depth. Boyfriend too clingy? The next will know how to balance his priorities. She is the master at trading up. I've never known a girl who knows herself so well and is so good at refusing to settle, and she definitely never falls into the trap of trying to "fix" a guy who isn't right for her. I think most women can learn from this!

Jenn, me, and Leah (another sister). Jenn knew Matt before I knew either of them, and knowing she liked him was a definitely mark in his favor when we met.
3. Never back down and always be confident. Jenn can be confrontational; she just refuses to take crap from anyone, and she's smart as a whip and willing to go toe-to-toe with just about anyone. It's nice to have that kind of ferocity in your corner! She's definitely taught me to stand up for what I know is right.

4. Why speak one language when you can speak three? Yes, three. Jenn is from the Netherlands, so she speaks Dutch; she also speaks perfect English, and because she has been living in Panama for the last few years, perfect Spanish as well. Her dogs know commands in all three languages!

5. Be honest. Sometimes she may be blunt, but I've definitely learned that being honest and tearing off the proverbial bandaid is better for everyone most of the time. This kind of honesty leads to unshakeable trust, and that's pretty priceless in a friend.

So, that's what I thought about as I ran along the course Monday evening. Totally random, but a nice reflection. Oh, and did I mention that Jenn took up running? (Between her fiance - who also runs - and me, she kind of had to!)

I'll leave you all with a video of Archie being his usual adorable self. I hope your week is starting out swimmingly!
What do you think about while you run?
Do you listen to music, podcasts, or the sound of your own footfalls when you run?
Who is someone you've learned a lot from?



  1. My thoughts are super random when I run like you. Most of the time I don't remember what I have even thought about. I used to have to listen to music, but now I run without it. Less things to carry and I am more aware of my surroundings!

    1. I always think it's funny when people remember exactly what they thought of on a run, because usually I forget EVERYTHING too! It's like running is a mind-eraser!

  2. Wow I can see why you love Archie, he is very cute!!! Do you just kiss his head all day long???

  3. My thoughts are always so random. I enjoy running without music from time to time. When I ran 14 miles, I didn't listen to music once. I was running with someone and we talked for most of the time. When we got to mile 10, we were kind of silent. I was thinking of turning on my music for the last 4 miles but I decided not to. I still can't believe that I went 14 miles without music! Weird! I don't know if I would be able to go any longer than like 4 miles without music!

    1. Sometimes on longer runs I end up wanting music at the end, but I'm definitely getting used to running without it. BUT running without music and WITH other people can be tough. I hate listening to their breathing!

  4. Ooooooh, that dress.....!

  5. Awww Archieeeee! The cutest little bird ever!

    That is incredible that your friend's dog knows commands in three languages! Super impressive!

    I love the sound of the crunch under my feet too... I purposely run over leaves/twigs if I see them so I can hear an extra loud crunch!

    1. YES me too! I always try to aim for crunchy leaves especially. I don't know what's so lovely about it!

  6. I seem to go back and forth when it comes to running with music. Sometimes I rely on it and sometimes I go without it. Honestly I don't like hearing myself run because I often sound out of breath or feel like I'm hitting the pavement too hard, and that discourages me.

    Archie is so cute!

    1. I think running without music on a trail is way nicer than on concrete. There's like "pounding" of the feet on trails!