Friday, September 26, 2014

Rosh Hashanah & House Stuff

Our living room is coming along. Matt has been diligently sawing, sanding, and painting shelves...and now they're finally hung!
Sometimes his perfectionism frustrates me, but I was definitely grateful for it when I saw the finished product!

Matt hung the shelves for our baseball collection first.
Then we hung our race bibs and medals!

The view from our couch.
I love that the living room now showcases the hobbies we care about most: SUP, running, and baseball. Clearly there's still more to do, but I know seeing these hanging everyday will make my motivation skyrocket!

We had Thursday off this week for Rosh Hashanah. Matt and I attended temple Wednesday was the first time we'd gone in the nine years we've been together. I didn't realize how much I missed being part of a congregation until we went. The old prayers, the music...just knowing you can look at the strangers around you and feel so's priceless.
 The rabbi spoke about inscribing ourselves in the Book of Life, but also about making sure others are inscribed as the sense that we need to remind people that we love them and that they're important. That they belong here and deserve to be here. It was actually a pretty heavy message, but also uplifting.
Thursday, we went for ice cream with Elizabeth and Roniel. I wanted to run after, but I knew cross-training was the order of the day. I did a deck-of-cards workout while watching Seinfeld. (My thighs are killing me today...hope they're feeling a bit less sore Saturday morning!)
Vanilla froyo with crushed M&Ms (they just taste better crushed when in ice cream!), hot fudge, and whipped cream. Tummy ache in a cup!
I used a deck from my bat mitzvah - the theme was Casino Night!
I focused on core work.
You know all that rain we've been getting? The other night I looked out our back window and this is what I saw:
Seriously...could that be any more perfect?!

My long run is on the schedule for tomorrow...I'm seriously pumped!

How has your week been?
Does your school district/work give you Jewish holidays off?
Do you attend church or temple or anything similar?



  1. Our school only gives us Christian holidays off. In PA, we get the Monday after Thanksgiving off because it is the first day of deer season. Isn't that crazy? There are some school in Harrisburg (right across the river) that I am pretty sure have off Jewish holidays because there are a lot of Jews that live over in the nicer part of Harrisburg.

    1. I love that you get a day off for hunting season. It says a lot about your area!

  2. Speechless at how great your living room is looking, and also that rainbow pic. That should be in a photo contest!

  3. Your living room looks great! Such a good idea to showcase your running medals - it really will motivate you!
    Good luck on your long run!

  4. Your living room looks amazing!! I love that wall! So perfect!

    The rainbow is pretty amazing too. It's always so cool when you can see the full arch!

    1. Yeah I had to take a pano because I needed to get the full arch in there. It's just such a treat to see!

  5. I love your living room! It looks perfect for you. And that rainbow! So beautiful. Happy New Year!

  6. My school only gives Christian hidays but excuse children during days where they have holidays/special days for their faiths. Great medal hanger!!!!

  7. Great job on the livingroom and to Matt on his awesome carpentry skills! Quick do you decide which medals you are going to hang??

    1. We hang all our medals. I wanted to keep them in chronological order, but because some are longer than others, I had to shift them around some.

  8. Awesome living room! The shelves and everything on them look gorgeous!!!!! Your house is becoming your home! :)
    Both of the school districts that I have worked in give most Jewish holidays off. Last year, one of my districts didn't give Rosh Hashanah off because it was the first day of school!!
    I also love the message you learned at Temple. What a beautiful message!

    1. I wonder if the house will ever feel like a HOME...the way my home growing up did, you know?

      Wow, was Rosh Hashanah early that year, or did school start late?!