Friday, August 16, 2013

Running on Fire

This week I started (and finished) Scott Jurek's memoir Eat & Run. Although I took exception to some of it, I highlighted more than I expected. I think some of his mantras and keep-going attitude rubbed off on me this week.
Even if you're uninterested in running ultras, this is worth the read.
Yesterday I had one of those mid-week mini-long runs of 6 miles. I’m still having trouble fitting more than 4 miles in before I have to get back home for work, so I saved the run for after a full day of teaching.

My calves burned the entire time. I was going to cut it short but I decided to push through. I was really glad that I did the entire thing. I walked at the halfway point, just to have some water, but then continued and ran the whole time.

I think the burning calves were caused by the cross training that I did earlier in the week.

Here's a picture of all the people on the treadmills during rush hour at our gym. I'm glad this was on my cross training day, so I didn't have to claim one for myself!
It's hard to take a non-blurry picture while on the stair-stepper! Whodathunk?
I would still rather be sore during a longer midweek run than on my real long run on the weekends, so I think that I'm going to keep doing cross training early in the week (on Tuesday or Wednesday).

This might be TMI, but I also have another UTI…seriously the worst illness to have while running. I felt like I was going to wet myself for the first three miles of this run. I seem to be getting them more and more often. This might have something to do with how often I'm working out and how much I’m sweating.
Post-run collapse...But inside I was grinning.
Anyway, I was on my first dose of antibiotics when I went for my run last night, and that definitely didn’t help. I didn't feel very well or have a lot of energy, but I pushed through.

I was playing with the idea of only doing 4 miles. I bargained with myself, wondering how many miles I could add to a scheduled shorter run to make up for it. But in the end, I stuck with it; the run was tough, but that made it good.

The hard runs are what train us for greater distances; finishing this one will do more for my marathon training than hundreds of Good, easy runs ever would.

Needless to say, I'm really, really glad I finished.

Oh, also, I listened to Pandora on this run and "Come On Eileen" definitely gave me the boost I needed around mile 4.5.

(Look for a guest post from me in the near future on Alyssa’s blog, See This Girl Run, on building mental toughness!)

How do you find the silver lining of a tough run?

How do you fit in longer mid-week runs?
What's the best 80s song to run to?



  1. I seriously applaud you for running with a UTI! I cannot function when I have one. I have a horrible history of UTIs and get a full blown one at least once, if not twice a year and then a couple that try to turn into one, but I get the infection out with water and cranberry. They are THE WORST. This has been going on since I was a child to the point where my mom took me to UCSF to make sure I didn't have bladder cancer or something of that sort. So, I know your pain and the fact that you RAN THROUGH IT!!! You are seriously amazing.

    1. Oh man, I can't imagine getting them that often! But I know once you get a couple, you become really susceptible, which is where I think I'm heading unfortunately. I am good at catching them early and getting to the doctor, but I'm not good at preventing them because I don't know what causes them for me! Do you take any cranberry tablets as prevention?

      I did kind of feel like a superhero, doing all 6 miles while feeling like crud!

  2. Ugh! Tough runs feel awful, but you are right, they make you tougher. Stronger by Kelly Clarkson came on at the end of my 9 miler today :)

    1. That's a good one to push you through to the end, for sure!!

  3. I'm always looking for new running books, I'll have to check this one out!
    Way to hang in there when it was tough, you're makes ya stronger!
    Karen @karenlovestorun

    1. Also pick up "Once a Runner." It's the quintessential runners novel!

  4. You rock! Running with an UTI? That is beast mode!
    I so agree with you...hard runs make you so much stronger as a runner! They really help define who we are!
    You are doing so awesome!!!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!! :) :)

    1. I seriously find that the less I let myself make excuses, the more I prove to myself that I can do more than I ever imagined! It's a great snowball effect.

  5. Ouch, I can't imagine running with a UTI! Hope you are feeling better. I love running to Whip it by

    1. Oh my gosh, Devo! I think I'll definitely need to add them to the playlist!!

  6. Hi! I'm sorry you have a UTI. I hope you feel better soon.

    I just read Scott Jurek's book this week (I got it out of the library). It was interesting, for sure. I have celiac disease, so I'm not that into veganism as eating for celiac is tough enough. Anyways, it was a book I thought might be interesting, although not interesting enough to buy!

    1. I was a vegetarian for a couple years after my initial celiac diagnosis, but you're right, it was really difficult. I'm not sure I could go full vegan. I found it interesting how he chose to go vegan and some of the recipes looked pretty yummy. I know he's a big proponent of the vegan lifestyle, but that's not really what I wanted to take away from the book, so I focused more on the mental and physical aspects of running, competition, and overcoming adversity.