Sunday, August 18, 2013

MTWR 6 & Sunshine Award!

My laptop is in the care of Best Buy's Geek Squad right now. For the last few months it's been telling me my memory is too low to do anything, and I've been working off a remote disk drive. Yesterday, after installing some Windows updates, the laptop refused to connect to the internet.

So today I'm blogging from Matt's laptop. If things look wonky, that's why. This is a post in two weekly marathon training update is the first, and the Sunshine Award is the second.

Today I was scheduled for 12 miles. I got out an hour later than planned, just as the sun was coming up. What I've learned in Florida is that the heat won't get you necessarily, but the humidity will. As I dumped water on myself and wished I had brought all four bottles in the fuel belt (I only brought three), I realized being wet wasn't helping.
Post-run, I immediately stripped off my shoes, compression sleeves, and socks...
The humidity stops water from evaporating from your skin and then you just end up steamy and wet. Evaporation, as we all know, is what creates a cooling sensation.

I also started today's run with intervals, and probably shouldn't have. I never found a good groove; I finished the end of the run without taking breaks, and that helped. I fueled with blueberry-pomegranate Gu Chomps this time, and they were delicious!

...And dunked myself in our pool.
My  Nike+ app helps me keep track of the mileage on my shoes. I got a nice reminder today...but the proofreading made me cringe. Seriously...someone is being paid to make these kind of mistakes.

Once you see it, you'll know what I mean.
This week went pretty well, all things considered. I'm feeling back on track and a lot less slumpy. I just have to keep holding myself accountable!

So onto the Sunshine Award! I've seen this floating around the internet, of course, and have even been nominated before. I didn't follow up on it that time, because to me it's a little chain-lettery, but this time I'm inclined to pass it along.

Why not? It's fun, spreads some joy, and allows others to know how much you appreciate them!

The award is circulated to bloggers to let them know that reading their posts brings some sunshine into your life!

(I have no clue what the white blocks around the words are all about here...Oh well!)

The Rules:
1.  Include award logo in a post or on your blog (above).
2.  Link to the person who nominated you - The truly awesome Heather at Run Like a G!
3.  Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4.  Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated. There are so many to consider, and so many of them have already been tagged! Let it be known, if I comment on your blog and/or you're on my "What I'm Reading" list, your posts ALWAYS bring me sunshine!

Heather's Questions for her Nominees:

1. What is your favorite thing about running? Testing my limits, finding my sanity, and proving to myself over and over that my body is an amazing machine! I love that it's a challenge!

2. What FRIENDS character are you more like? (Fe/male) I was a lot like Phoebe when I was younger, but I think now I'm definitely more like Rachel (with a smidgen of Ross's geekiness!)

You know you wanna be this cool.
3. If money wasn't an option, what country/island/place would you explore for a week? (ONLY ONE!) Mauritius! It's a small island nation off the coast of Africa and looks just heavenly. (Plus I love their blend of cultures and the way they work together. Their politics are my dream-world for the US.)
Basically, this is at the top of my bucketlist right now.
4. Bodybuilding - yay or nay? Not for me, personally, but I support those who follow that dream!

5. What do you LOVE about your body? (Only sunny answers!) I love my big ol' brain...and my legs. Running has truly taught me to love my legs.

6. Tell me your favorite season and give two reasons why it is your favorite season. I love autumn. The weather starts to get cool, but the days are still long enough to enjoy.

7. Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really, but I do believe in sparks.

8. If you could have an exotic animal as pet, which would you choose? I already have an exotic pet...Archie the little lovebird! But if I had to have another, I'd go with a snake.

(Do yourself a favor and watch this video. It'll make your Sunday that much brighter! I swear, this bird wants to be a basketball player; he gets it in the garbage can 9 out of 10 times.)

9. Have you read Harry Potter? YES! I reread the series every summer. I get something new from them every time I read them. HP is definitely my favorite series.

10. What is your favorite cereal? Gluten Free Rice Krispies...but sometimes I splurge on Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles. Mmm sugar!

10 Questions for ALL of you!
1. What is your ideal weekend?
2. When you were in school, what was your favorite subject?
3. Name one teacher who you remember - for something positive - and tell me why you remember them.
4. What was your first race?
5. What is your favorite takeout food?
6. What's the earliest you've ever gotten up to go for a run?
7. What's the latest you've ever headed out for a run?
8. What is something you've accomplished that you're proud of?
9. Who is your biggest cheerleader/motivator/supporter?
10. If you could go back in time and change one event from your life, what would you choose, and why?

Answer the questions in the comments, or feel free to repost to your own blog. I'm tagging EVERYONE!

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Well for #6 - I woke up at 4:50 with the intention of running last school year, but I never actually did. So the earliest I've ever gotten up and went for a run is 5:50

  2. It's actually been cold here! It was like 65 at the beach this weekend... i'll send that weather down your way!
    Ideal weekend- long, fast run, glass (or 2) of wine with friends and lots of cuddle time with the babe, hubs and pup!

    1. Oh my gosh I am SO jealous!! It seems to be getting HOTTER here, if that's even possible. I definitely with friends and loved ones is the best!

  3. You re-read Harry Potter every summer? ME TOO!!!! I got a late start this year so I'm just in the middle of OOTP right now. I'll be on vacation next week though so I'll probably get through a big part of the series then :)

    My boyfriend does not understand how I can possibly re-read the series every year, but like you, I always get something new out of it.

    Which book is your fave? I love 4 and 7.

    1. I didn't think it was possible to love you more, but OMG yay! Another Potter fan!!

      For our first wedding anniversary, Matt bought me the first 4 books because I'd gotten those from the library when they originally came out, and I only owned the last 3. I also have them on kindle haha! (They're so bulky to travel with!) I love the first one for its humor and, oh my gosh, all the stuff Rowling knew was going to be important and put into the first book and then in book 7 it's like...revealed!!

      I love 7 the best, for sure, but HBP is a close second.

      And yeah, Matt doesn't get how I reread them. He's never even read them once! But there's so much in them, and the allegories are just awesome. It makes the literature scholar in me go bonkers!

  4. I am totally going to use this as my blog post tonight (probably without asking others to do it) just because I like the questions you asked and it's hard to think of things to blog every day.

    1. Yay! Yeah, I didn't want to single people out to pass it on...I feel like it could become a burden to some. But I'm glad you found the questions interesting!

  5. Congratulations on the Sunshine Award. Definitely deserved :)

  6. I'm coming to your house!
    I wish we had a pool that I could dunk myself into after my long runs!
    Fall is almost here and I can't wait to run with the changing temps!
    Glad to hear your training is going well! You can do this girl!!! :)

    I think my biggest cheerleader is my husband!!
    He is always cheering me on and pushing me!

    1. Our pool is uncovered, unheated, small, and above-ground...but you are more than welcome to enjoy a swim! hehe...I actually only go in it about 2x a year, and always after a run!

      Training is going...mediocre lol. But I'll take it over not-going-at-all!