Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Burning Up What Is False"

I receive emails from for the motivational quotes. Some of them don't really do much more than fill up my inbox, but once in awhile a real gem comes along. When I read this quote, a tremor went through me. It struck me in the heart, the way truth tends to do.

I haven't been able to shake that second sentence from my mind. I had an almost visceral reaction the first time I read it; I was covered in goosebumps. Burn up what is false. It speaks to me on so many levels. We live our lives shrouded in falsehoods; they weigh on us like shackles, dragging us down from the inside.

We're never good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, selfless name it. We are constantly bombarded with images of what we should strive to be, but no person alive today could ever meet such expectations. The only way to achieve peace with yourself is to let go of the illusion that perfection actually exists in a singular way. We should aim to be the best version of ourselves, and leave the rest.

So there it is. Find a way to burn up the falsehoods that cloud our lives and make happiness so difficult to achieve. There are any number of ways to do it, but for me the key is running.

I run, and the weight falls off my shoulders. The stress of work, the fear of inadequacy, the uncertainty of the future...for a time, gone. As long as the run goes, my mind is blissfully free of those doubts - those falsehoods.

For a time after the run, the freedom remains. Running is a talisman, and the memory of the last run wraps me in a cocoon, this safety net that gives me an inner fire that lets me burn up the fictions of the world. I see things more clearly, and I am me, standing tall, secure. I am not how others see me, what the world wants me to be. I am living my own truth, and running is what makes that possible.

Forget what the world tells you. Find the thing that lets you block out the white noise and listen to your own mind. Figure out what is false and light it on fire. Let it burn.



  1. Love love love!! I was just thinking the other day that I was burning away some of the accumulated 'junk' in my mind, and the wind that was howling was blowing away the ashes. Well timed post!!

    1. I love that image of each stride burning the junk, and a trail of ashes in your wake as you leave it behind. Glad this resonated with you, and that the power of these words extends to others as well!

  2. I run to be free and let the stress melt away!

    Since this quote is from Kristin Armstrong...have you read her book "Mile Markers, The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run??" I read it and some of her writings are just so powerful!!!

    1. I haven't read it...I'm putting it on my list right now, though! I didn't even know she was an author!