Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekly Report: Oct. 8 - Oct. 14

Fewer weekday miles and a 10k race in lieu of a long-run kept this week a bit lower. K and I are discussing the wisdom of reshaping our training. We've been planning four weekday runs and one weekend LR, but each week we seem to be taking a random day off due to exhaustion or, you So we're thinking of cutting back so that we're getting three weekday runs, thereby getting more planned rest days and hopefully increasing our energy overall. As we add miles to our LR, we'll still see our weekly mileage stay steady or increase, so we think this may be a more balanced route.

I am really pleased with this week. We had a short run Monday to recover from our long-run, then took Tuesday and Wednesday off. Thursday and Friday we kept our 4-miles under 40 minutes and didn't much slacken our pace going over the bridge. Saturday we had our first ever 10k and, as I mentioned in my last post, were beyond ecstatic with our results.

I am feeling a cold coming on, so fingers crossed that I stay healthy enough to stay on track!

Our next race is an 8k on Oct. 27, and my sister has signed up to run it with us! I can't wait! Plus, K and I plan to volunteer at the 5k next weekend; it will be nice to give back to the track club that organizes all these races.



  1. Your doing great..way to go! Guess what? You have been nominated by me for The Liebster Blog Award...come on by and see what to do next!

  2. Yes, I've also been retooling my training plans yet again (and therefore my goals) as I see how many (or how few) times this summer I've actually managed to hit my workouts. Always kids or work, blast them.

    1. haha, stupid life, getting in the way all the time! But seriously, I could happily run daily if my mileage was lower...say, 2 or 3 miles, like I was doing all summer. But with higher mileage, more challenging run, and races on the weekends, I just can't do it! My body needs a breather.