Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Running Journey Part II

In November 2016, I suddenly began experiencing unexplainable calf pain. Going back to read that blog entry is a little surreal, because I had no idea of what lay ahead. It's weird that I can know that November 28, 2016 was the day compartment syndrome first affected me.

And today is the last day of that chapter.

Although I tried lots of solutions back then - rest, heat, ice, stretching - nothing helped. The pain was more than muscle fatigue or the usual tightness runners sometimes experience during training.

My calves felt like rocks. My feet began to feel like they were slapping the ground. I couldn't run through it.

At this point, I had been running for about seven years and the only other time I'd ever felt pain like this was during my first marathon.

It took months of denial before Elizabeth pushed me to go see a doctor. This was followed by months of dead ends and waiting before I had an answer and a solution at hand. The first two doctors I saw were unhelpful and defeatist*, respectively. I self-diagnosed my issue and began calling around to sports medicine doctors to find someone who could do a pressure test for me.

That was when I finally began finding answers. I am so lucky I found Dr. Guerra and that he was so willing to work with me. Now, two surgeries and almost 14 months later, I am officially on the road to full recovery.

I had my last post-op with Dr. G today. He looked at both legs and tested my range of motion. He told me I looked "fantastic". He told me he feels very optimistic about my prognosis. He told me I could forgo PT after my final appointment this week and rely on at-home exercises as I finally finally FINALLY begin to run again.

I have lost fitness this year and I've lost forward momentum, but I am so grateful. I'm near tears just thinking about what the future could hold now. The goals I can resume pursuing. The improved quality of life I'll be able to enjoy once more.

Dr. G gave me back my legs. I can't even explain what that means...but I know you guys will get it.
Here's to Part II of this journey.


*Tangent: When I went to see my regular doctor last week, she was all, "Anything new happen this year?!" and I was like, "Funny you should ask. I had two surgeries!" and then I told her the entire story and when I told her about the vascular surgeon and his whole "women don't like scars" spiel she rolled her eyes so hard I thought they might fall out of her head.


  1. I'm excited for you ! Happy 2018!

  2. AWESOME NEWS ALI!!!!!!!! :) I can't even imagine what you and Kristina went through. I have had to take running breaks but not for a year and not breaks that required two surgeries. My knee surgery even had me running about 2 months after...

  3. I didn't realize it has been 14 months. Being an old(er) lady, time telescopes for me, and it seems like you got your legs done within months of each other, just around the holidays. I forgot about the annoying lead-up---even after finding Dr. G, needing the pressure tests, etc. So celebrate the end of of the end!

  4. Such a long journey for you. I am so happy you are finally on your road back to running! Yay you!

  5. I’ve been watching your journey through this on Instagram. I’m glad it has all worked out and you can start running again! That’s going to be a really great feeling. Congrats on getting through this. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your running.

    1. I am so thankful for Instagram because it allowed me to step back from blogs, which made me miss running so much, but still keep up with people!