Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MIIEGO Headphone Review

A couple weeks ago, out of nowhere, my Jaybird headphones stopped working. I am really not in the market to replace $150 headphones, so I started looking around for a new brand. In the meantime, I struggled with some cheap corded earbuds I had lying around the house, and I remembered how much I freaking hate cords.

Then, I saw a post on Flip Belt's Instagram. You guys know I'm a huge fan of Flip Belt, so I was excited to see that they were pairing up with a bluetooth headphone brand...I trust Flip Belt so I figured the headphones would be a good bet.

I reached out to Flip Belt to see if I could test out and review a pair, and a couple days later I had a beautiful pair of coral MIIEGO headphones in my hands. I really wanted to try the M1, which is their bluetooth earbud version, but I was happy to try the AL3+ Freedoms.
The headphones come with a carrying case, extra foam speaker covers, and a charging cord.
First Impressions:

I immediately found the packaging, color, and design attractive. The headphones coil up into a neat little bundle and the carrying case is compact and sturdy. The instructions were clear and simple; the headphones paired up easily with my phone and were fully charged and ready to use right out of the box.
Right out of the box, full battery! I tested the pairing and buttons immediately and mastered their use in under 5 minutes.
I did have a couple concerns right off the bat, though. Would they stay in place while running? Would they feel bulky and warm?

After taking them out for a spin, I'm pretty happy with them.
Ready for a run. I tested the headphones in 88 degrees, 90% humidity, sunshine, and no breeze.

Easy storage
Good sound quality
Easy to install & use


A little warm for FL summer
Need some adjusting/moved a little
The band doesn't lie quite flat enough
I was pleasantly surprised - the headphones stayed in place and needed less adjusting than my favorite earbuds ever did!

For the price, these are really nice headphones for the gym or just hanging out. They're not my favorite for running but they aren't bad.

I wish they fit a little more loosely. The twist in the wire made the headphones "tight" across the back of my head so they pulled a little, which is the only reason they moved at all; I think with time this tight coil will loosen a bit and they'll become more comfortable, will stay in place better, and will pull less.

They are not as bulky as I thought they'd be - they're really lightweight. My ears definitely got warm from wearing the headphones. I tested them in fairly normal Florida weather but what others might call extreme. I don't think the warmth would be bothersome in most other states at any time of year.

Rating: 8.5/10, B+
Price: $79.99

I'll definitely continue to use them! If the coil loosens up and the fit improves, I'll write an update, as well.


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  1. I have given up on earbuds b/c they ALWAYS pop out--and I am only walking. Even trying different sized foam ear inserts didn't work for me. I really need the "loop around the ear" type, and these look like a nice hybrid. Since I can't be without my podcasts, maybe I will give these a try. I'll wait for the update.