Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Earworm Wednesday: Linkin Park

I was really shaken by the suicide of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington. I think most people my age can agree that Linkin Park's poignant lyrics and powerful instrumentals got us through some tough times in high school and college, and so far I've loved every song I've heard off the new album.

In "Leave Out all the Rest", Chester sings, "When my time comes/forget the wrong that I've done/help me leave behind some/reasons to be missed", and I think the legacy of his music absolutely fulfills that wish.

So today, I wanted to share some of Chester's last songs off the new album One More Light.

One More Light: "If they say who cares if one more light goes out/in a sky of a million stars?/it flickers, flickers/Who cares when someone's time runs out/if a moment is all we are?/We're quicker, quicker/Who cares if one more light goes out?/Well I do"
Battle Symphony: "...When they turn down the lights/I hear my battle symphony/all the world in front of me/if my armor breaks/I'll fuse it back together/Battle symphony/please just don't give up on me/and my eyes are wide awake"
Talking to Myself: "The truth is you turn into someone else/you keep running like the sky is falling/I can whisper I can yell/But I know I'm just talking to myself"
I will always be grateful for the solace Chester's music brought me, and still brings me. I am grateful to have this final album. I wish it didn't have to be his last.


  1. It was very sad to hear about Chester Bennington. I used to listen to his music in college.

    Thanks for sharing this songs!

  2. I was devastated to hear of his passing and completely heartbroken to hear he took his own life. I love Linkin Park and am so sad we won't have anymore new music. I will be a forever fan.