Friday, July 14, 2017

I'm So Tired of this Topic

Okay, let's talk about my calves for hopefully the last time this summer...or ever, preferably.

After my compartment test, it took awhile for me to hear back from the doctor. Once I finally spoke to him, my fears were confirmed: the tests were inconclusive.

That being said, he is still sure that the symptoms I'm having are indicative of compartment syndrome and he is willing to go forward with surgery if and when my symptoms return to an unbearable level.

I am currently under instructions to "run until it's a problem!" and then give him a call to schedule surgery. While I wanted this all figured out and done over summer, at this point I'm just happy that inconclusive tests haven't set me back to square one.

So for now, I am back to running with a freedom and ease I haven't felt in months. For awhile I've been too depressed and anxious to run, never knowing if I'll experience pain or be doing terrible damage to my calves. Now, I'm not scared to have pain because if I do, I know there will be an answer. I missed being able to turn my brain off and just run!
Hopefully a return to a more consistent running/workout schedule will improve my mood and help draw me out of my anti-social behavior. Fingers crossed that this will be the last I need to write about this particular subject!

I hope you all are doing well!



  1. I unde eat and not always wanting to talk about injuries and other issues. It's like, we think about them enough on our own and sometimes I have no desire to rehash things again via writing. Enjoy your runs with your brain off!!! It sucks running and worrying.

  2. I'm glad you can get back to running and not have to think about this!

  3. I hope that you find a solutions that will work for you. and I hope running stays pain free!

  4. I like that you have freedom again. Hoping your calves just calm down for good, but nice to know you have a next step if they don't. HAVE FUN!