Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Anniversary in Pictures

Matt and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last week. We don't often do anything big for our anniversaries, but this year we didn't have a summer vacation planned and we just felt like we wanted to do something special. So, we got a hotel room at a nice local hotel and had a staycation!
One of three pools at the hotel...this one had a huge fountain and waterfall! We drank our mimosas here before bringing our luggage upstairs.
When we arrived at the hotel Sunday, I was a little overwhelmed. When traveling, we usually go for 3-star hotels and inns; the Hyatt Regency is basically a resort compared to those! Like, we checked in and they offered us mimosas. That is beyond our usual level of fancy.
The view from our room...we upgraded to a balcony.
We had lunch by the pool and enjoyed the lazy river before opting for the adults-only pool, which was quiet and perfect. We are officially those people. The place was crawling with kids! We just wanted a quiet getaway.
A late lunch...I think Bloody Marys are appropriate to drink at any time of day. (Looking at this picture makes me really glad I booked a haircut before school resumes.)
Enjoying the hot tub.
Despite this being the "adult only" pool section, a couple interrupted our alone time by bringing their toddler in with them. I feel like that's really rude and unsafe!
After sunning ourselves, we cleaned up for a delicious seafood dinner at one of the restaurants at the hotel. I had a fantastic paella and Matt had scallops and orzotto. We also had two kinds ceviche, because the restaurant is known for its ceviche bar. We had one with swordfish and one with red snapper.
After dinner, we wandered the grounds a bit. They had some big fires going and you could make s'mores, but we just wanted to sit and enjoy the atmosphere. After being interrupted a few times by kids who were up way too late, we went back to our room and watched some Bob's Burgers, because this is real life and in real life couples watch cartoons before they go to bed.
Our view from the hammock we relaxed in after dinner.
Monday (our actual anniversary) we checked out, enjoyed a little breakfast (they had gluten free blueberry muffins that were so good!) and then spent some more time at the pool. When an afternoon rainstorm swept through, we decided to call it a day. I had work Tuesday and we had to grocery shop and get some laundry done...real life was waiting for us.
To me, this was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Just a night away, a couple days at a resort, really good food and drinks, and quality time.

How do you celebrate special events in your life?
Do you like ceviche/seafood?
Do you and your SO consider yourselves romantic? We are really not...this kind of "romantic getaway" isn't our usual gig, but I think I'd like to repeat it in the future!



  1. Aw that looks perfect! Like you, we normally stay at budget type places, never have we been somewhere where they offer us drinks. Maybe next year for our 10 yr!!! We don't normally plan something special for our anniversary but this year I happened to book us an overnight to Annapolis. It was by change it ended up on our anniversary but it's perfect, right??

    1. Even though the overnight was kind of accidental, it totally still counts!

  2. Happy anniversary! It's nice you got to stay at such a fancy place! Our anniversary is in September so it's hard for us to do a full out getaway because school is just getting back in session. ( I should have thought that one We usually do a trip in the summer though.

  3. Oh PS. You also made me think of something with that adults only pool section. If a couple decides to bring their toddler and the toddler starts fussing, do you remind the parents that it is indeed the adult only section? Just a thought. I know that would annoy me. of course the toddler that was there may not have been fussing, but still. ( I sound horrible don't I?)

    1. We didn't say anything or "report" them to anyone because the pool was closing pretty soon and we were all alone. But if it were daytime and more crowded, I would've said something. The kid was pretty well-behaved, just normal kid-loud, but I was still annoyed. There were THREE pools for kids! Let us have our one adult pool!

  4. How wonderful! It looks like you had a fantastic time! I have my own kid, but other kids still bother me.. like Ugh... kids!!

    I am not romantic, I suck at romance.

    1. Me too. Matt is 100% more romantic than I am.

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a fun evening for you guys! I always want to be in an adults only area (we have stayed at a few adults only resorts in's wonderful!). I don't know that Rick and I are romantic but we just do what we love -- sometimes that is going out for a nice dinner but it could just as easily be a movie and a quick lunch or a Harley ride for a picnic. We were supposed to travel this year for our anniversary but with my tendon issues (and being in a brace) we postponed that trip for another time. We honestly just ended up cooking a nice dinner at home and having some wine--we just go with the flow most times.