Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 4/3-4/9

Monday: Maxtrainer (I finally learned that this is what my particular bowflex is called) for 30 minutes while watching Two Weeks Notice. One perk of Matt being out of town is that I don't feel bad about commandeering the TV and watching whatever I want!
Tuesday: Maxtrainer (30 minutes) & planks. More crappy TV, this time in the form of Vanderpump Rules. Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves this junk.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Core (Blogilates Extreme Abs 1 & 2) and upper body weights. Elizabeth and I had an after school meeting again so we did two videos and then some random weights to pass the time between dismissal and the meeting.
Friday: Maxtrainer (30 minutes). I have to say, this thing is super convenient and it was nice to get so much cardio in this week!
Saturday: Rest/house cleaning. I scrubbed the bathroom and it was basically an upper body workout!
So clean and organized!
Sunday: 20 minutes on the maxtrainer and then some upper body and core work.
This was a pretty good week with four days of cardio, but I was definitely still moody about missing running. I am so tempted to try a little run sometime over break...Just to see how I feel.

My pressure test is scheduled for this coming Monday the 17th, so hopefully answers will come soon after!



  1. Fingers crossed on your test today! Great job with your Maxtrainer - I would do the same thing and watch ALL the shows that my boyfriend judges me for watching, haha!

  2. Good luck with your test today! I am sending good thoughts!

  3. I tend to clean on rest days too! It puts me in a better mood because I feel accomplished AND I did some moving.

  4. I love that you hang all of your headbands in the bathroom!

    You are not the only one who likes junk TV. My newest guilty pleasure show is Chrisley Knows Best. It sometimes comes on before another show I watch so I would often catch the last few minutes and now I'm totally into it hah!

    Fingers cross that you get some answers from your test!