Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Questions to Make Your Brain Hurt

I was wasting some time this weekend reading an article about ridiculous arguments people have had and some of the topics made me laugh. (Sometimes I need to take a break from reading about politics and these silly listicles are the best distraction!) I wonder how many answers to these weird questions we'd all agree on!

1. What color is the bikini in the "Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini" song? I always pictured it yellow with black or white polka-dots...but now I'm not so sure!
There really isn't a clear answer!
2. Is a hotdog a sandwich? I'm going to go with no because the bun is one continuous piece of bread... Matt just informed me that sub sandwiches have connected bread so now I have to change my answer. Hotdogs are a specific type of sandwich.

3. Is cereal soup? My first impression is that soup is hot, but gazpacho and some fancy soups are served cold, so...yes?

4. What goes first in a taco: cheese or meat? I used to put the meat in first but Matt taught me years ago to put the cheese in first to help hold the shell together! So now I can see either as being the right way to go! The only requirements with toppings-placement is that cheese has to touch the meat directly so it melts and sour cream has to go on top.
5. Are Die Hard, Home Alone, and Harry Potter Christmas movies? I didn't grow up celebrating Christmas so I could be wrong. However, because these movies are shown on TV during Christmastime, I'm going to go with yes.

6. Are sandals shoes? Yes. This one feels easy, as a Floridian; we wear sandals year-round. And I'm talking basic sandals, not strappy or open-toes heels. What do you northerners say?
These probably take longer to get into and lace than sneakers.
7. Are Cheetos chips? No...they're some kind of crunchy non-chip snack food.

8. Does toilet paper go over or under? Over! I do not know how this is a question because everyone should have strong feelings about this and should get that TP unspools more easily when it goes over.
True story: When using the bathroom away from home, if the TP goes under, I fix it. This might be an OCD thing, but really, I just feel like I'm doing the next bathroom-user a favor.

9. Are you naked if you remove all clothing except your socks? I admit, I thought about this longer than I should have and my answer is long and weird.

My initial reaction is yes because nudity isn't really about feet, is it? But then again, when it comes down to it, how are feet different than any other body part? Is this a societal norms thing? Because some societies don't care about exposure of any body parts, so why would feet count? In those societies, maybe only full nudity counts as being naked. But I guess I have to go with what my personal culture and upbringing has taught me, which is that being naked = exposing the body parts we usually need to cover up in public places, and that doesn't include feet. So...


10. How deep can a pan be before it becomes a pot? 3 inches. Huh. I feel really sure about this one.

Also, "sauce pan" is a misnomer as they are clearly actually pots.
What are your thoughts on these deep and important questions? 



  1. Ha, too funny. Yes, i've wondered more than once why it's called a sauce pan when it is clearly a pot. I'll try to answer the others I can remember.
    Yes, sandals are shoes.
    Yes, the TP should go "over".
    Never gave a thought to the socks thing.
    Not sure I would consider cereal soup.

  2. Wow, these are deep! I shall answer them all.

    1. I have always pictured yellow with white polka dots. I'm not sure how anyone could argue that the bikini was NOT yellow in some way- either yellow background or yellow polka dots.

    2. I suppose it is a sandwich but it's kind of weird because if someone asks what you had for lunch, you wouldn't say "a sandwich" if you had a hot dog. You'd say "a hot dog". BUT if you had a turkey and cheese sandwich, you would say the sandwich part.

    3. Cereal is NOT a soup. Cereal comes in a box. We add milk to it which I guess makes it "soupy" but the cereal is not soup.

    4. I always put meat in first, cheese very last.

    5. I have never seen Die Hard or Harry Potter, but Home Alone IS a Christmas movie and it's my FAVORITE Christmas movie!

    6. Yes.

    7. No.

    8. Over.

    9. Technically, I'd say no.

    10. I have no opinion on this one since I don't really cook so I don't use the right terminology!

  3. 1) I always imagined a white bikini with yellow dots.
    2) I never thought about the hot dog situation. I'd say no....
    3)Cereal is not soup. I like cereal....I do not like soup ;)
    4) Meat first, cheese, then other toppings
    5)I'd say only Home Alone is a Christmas movie out of all 3
    6) Yes, sandals=shoes
    7) Yes, cheetos are chips IMO
    8) I'm quite OCD about the toilet paper being "over" like you, If its under...I will always change it. A friend of mine gave me only 1 valid reason why it should be under, they have a cat who is an a-hole. If its over, the cat will unravel the whole roll. Hence, cats=no good ;)
    9) Socks are part of your attire, I's say are not naked if you have socks on
    10) Uh.... pots, pans...all the same to me!

  4. All very good questions...

    1. I imagined a red bikini with yellow polkadots .... Yellow polka dots, I feel it's implied the polka dots are yellow.

    2. No, a hot dog is a hot dog. Just like a burger is a burger and a sub is a sub. Sandwiches are for the other things that don't have proper names... like chicken sandwiches.

    3. Ceral not soup... but is chicken broth really just chicken tea?

    4. I don't put cheese on tacos... our question would be do we put lime first or last?

    5. Home Alone is a Christmas MOvie, but the other two are not to me.

    6. Yes, for me anything that covers the soles of your foot are shoes.

    7. No.

    8. it makes no difference to me. But I love that you switch them out to what you like!

    9. in my mind, naked is private body parts exposed.... but not boobs.

    10. It took me years to understand the difference between pot, and pan. In Mexico, we call pots and pans the same thing, the bigger ones are pots... like anything bigger than 20 cups. I also still confuse Plate and bowl, in Mexico, we call them both plates.

  5. I always pictured it yellow with white dots, too.

    Home Alone is DEFINITELY a Christmas movie. It takes place during the holidays and has overarching themes of coming together as a family during the season. I'm not sure how anyone can argue it's not a Christmas movie.

    I've always considered sandals shoes.

    I always put meat on first, then cheese, then other stuff.

    Pan depth...interesting! I never thought of that.

  6. I always picture yellow with white dots!

    I don't think a hot dog is a sandwich. By definition it probably is since it's made up of filling in between two pieces of bread. However, it's just not a sandwich in my wold!

    I don't think Potter movies are Christmas movies, but I do think they are family friendly and enjoyed by all ages. That's probably why people watch them at the holidays when the whole fam is gathered together.

    I would definitely consider myself nude if I was just wearing socks. Like you said culturally speaking if you're not covering your sex organs you are exposed!

    Hmmmm the pots/pans question is a tough one!!! I think 3 inches might still be a pan for me -- I think my wok is deeper than 3 inches and I consider it a pan. I think maybe 5 or 6 inches deep would be a pot for me!