Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday 5: Spring Break Edition

Well, today is the last day of school before spring break. I made it! Break is super late this year for some reason, and when we get back we'll have five weeks left of school. One of those weeks is mostly our DC trip and one is mostly half days, so really, the year is basically over.

I am in desperate need of this break. I am exhausted. My allergies have been pounding away at me. The sudden heat and humidity we've had this week has given be a constant headache that nothing seems to cure. A break is necessary.
Today I'm linking up to bring you the five things I plan to do over break.

1. Sleep. This should come as no surprise; my teacher friends will get it. The end of Quarter 4 is mentally exhausting. I am going to catch up on sleep and also front-load for what I'm sure to miss as the year draws to a close.
2. Clean. My house is a disaster! The last couple weeks I just haven't had the energy to clean and organize beyond "tidying up", and over break I plan to do a deep cleaning and finally get the hardware put on our kitchen cabinets.
Clean clothes folded but not put away, a table full of jewelry-making supplies, two days' worth of dishes in the sink, and Matt's luggage from his recent trip to St. Croix...Please don't judge us. Or me. Mostly me.
I am champing at the bit to spring clean, mostly because I'm going to...

3. Host Passover! We are actually having Passover late this year because of scheduling conflicts. One nice thing about being reform/non-religious Jews is that we make up our own rules sometimes. We'll have Passover April 15th and this year is the first time I'll have extended family attending!
At least year's Passover. It will be nice to have more people this year!
My Aunt Kathi and Uncle Bruce have finally moved to Florida, and they're coming to Passover. This will be the first time since we moved here in 1999 that we've had more than just our nuclear family at a holiday!

4. Shop. Matt rarely gets new clothes, and that's probably why his favorite shorts have holes in them, not to mention most of his socks. I recently donated a bunch of my clothes and bought new stuff for the first time in about six years, but over break it will be his turn to donate, toss, and replace.
It takes a lot to convince Matt to buy new clothes, but this will do it.
5. Plan my next tattoo. I've been wanting another for awhile now, but the opportunity to get it hasn't come up. Now it's look like a possibility in the near future, so it's time to plan. I have a good idea of what I want, but I'm working out some details...such as color (or not) and placement.

No pictures for this one...It's a surprise until things are finalized!

How do you spend time on vacations?
How often do you buy new clothes?
Do you have any tattoos?



  1. Sounds like the perfect staycation for you. Hope you get that extra sleep! We are doing our Passover dinner on Tuesday thankfully my mom is hosting. I just have to figure out what to make. Hope you have a nice visit with your family

  2. These are all things I usually do during a staycation as well! I love cleaning and organizing my closets every few months. I always end up finding something to donate.

  3. I am so jealous of your spring break. Other districts here get 10 days off but not our school. We have long weekends from January -March which is nice for the kids but not for those of us who want to travel!

    I've made it my mission to revamp my wardrobe. As you get older things don't fit like they use to, making it hard to find
    Enjoy your break!

  4. Do you think tattoos are addicting? Everyone I know who has one ends up getting another one in a couple years! I am excited to know what you get... I have some ideas of what it could be. ;) I hope you enjoy your spring break! It seems like everyone but PA schools actually have a spring break! We have an "easter break" which is called spring break but let's face it, it's NOT spring break. We normally have off the Thurs-Mon over Easter. So it's only 3 school days off. AND we usually miss 1-2 of those days due to making up snow days. This year we are making up a snow day so we will have Fri-Mon off. Four whole days!!! We haven't had a 3-4 day weekend in so long! I'm looking forward to it! Paul and I will have to do something fun but I have nothing planned as of yet.

  5. Your house looks like mine does most of the time.

    I need my husband to go through all of his clothes. He lost about 40 pounds, so most of it is too big, but he hasn't gotten rid of any of it....

  6. No tattoos yet....but I keep thinking of them LOL My house (especially the mud room) is a disaster. It's become the main "dumping ground" space, and we can barely walk through it. And, most of the stuff is the hubby's....I told him he needs to get to work or everything will be gone (donated) or shredded. I'm due for some new clothes...I buy a lot of "classic" pieces and am constantly modifying them with accessories (funky scarves, shoes, jewelry),but I'm ready for a major overhaul. Pronto.