Monday, March 6, 2017

When Your Mind and Body Don't Line Up

I want to run more 5ks in 2017.

I really have missed so many things about racing: the motivation, the training, the chance to just put the hammer down and give it everything I've got...

I miss the days of knowing I'd have the chance to run one fast, intense, short race a month, and I think when I have a bunch of 5ks on my schedule, I stay in better shape.

My mind is all made up about it. I am searching for races and ready to register.
Just a few races to think about from my local running club.
But my body is fighting me. My calves are still causing me problems. I can't get through a run without some kind of walk break and some kind of discomfort. I want to see a sports medicine doctor or something, but I'm uncertain of where to start or what could really be done. The hypochondriac in me thinks I have compartment syndrome, but obviously I'm never going to find out what's actually wrong and how to fix it if I don't go ahead and see someone about it.
We've all been here.
I hate seeing doctors for things like this. In my experience, it takes a long time and multiple visits to truly find a cause and cure; it takes time and money. Still, I've gone ahead and set up a consultation with a sports medicine doctor for April, when I'll be on spring break.

In the meantime, I think I could still power through 5ks, and maybe even try some longer races using the run/walk method, which worked really well at Gasparilla and which I've been curious to test out since. That may not be a smart decision, but I don't want to have to put my running on hold.

It's frustrating that my mind and body aren't on the same page right now, but I'm tired of harping on my calves. They seem to be the subject of every run!

Obviously, before I do something drastic - like give up running completely - I definitely need to seek a professional opinion first. Fingers crossed that we get to the bottom of my issues!

Have you had good experiences with seeing a sports medicine doctor?



  1. I've never been to a sports medicine doctor but I have been to a physical therapist who helped me a lot with my hips. I think it's worth it when you have an aggravating pain/issue that persists over time, but you're right it usually involves multiple visits which is time consuming and annoying. It definitely helped me with my hips though, and I hope it helps you with your calves.

    I've been hesitant to see anyone about my calves because the issue for me comes and goes, whereas it sounds like it's an everyday thing for you. Plus for me, the issue gets better over time. Like the first half mile to a mile are hell, but then they loosen up and feel fine.

    My regular doctor thinks it could just be some water retention/swelling from sitting all day that gets moved about once I start moving. This makes sense to me as it's always worse after work but on the weekends it's always best. I wonder if this might be something you're experiencing too having gone from standing in the classroom to now sitting at a desk?

    Also I am going to PM you something that I think might help: the phone number to my drug dealer who can get you great pain killers! Just kidding!!! But I am going to send you something :)

  2. I think going to the doctor is a good idea. You tried rest and it's not working. Who knows, maybe you will get some really good insight on how you can prevent your calf pain? If you do, it will definitely be worth the money. I know what you mean about your body not cooperating. Yesterday my PIMA was completely gone but my ITB ached. Now today the ITB is gone but the PIMA is back! WHY CAN'T IT ALL BE GONE AT THE SAME TIME?

  3. I totally understand too! I agree see a doctor and at least then you'll know or at least have an idea.
    I enjoy 5k races because you still get the feeling of accomplishment and al the post race festivities without the major commitment to training!

  4. It sounds like it's a good idea to visit the doctors, especially if nothing has fixed the pain.

    I love running 5Ks!! they are so quick and done!

  5. I'm sorry to hear your calf pain has become so serious! I went to a sports medicine doctor when I had foot pain and he diagnosed my stress fracture. Besides that, I have had 3 rounds of PT for various conditions and doing the right exercises and stretches really made a difference.

    I know that sometimes my calves get tight from running so I have to make sure I stretch them post-run. Hopefully it's nothing serious and you'll be able to get back to safely racing soon!

  6. I can totally relate, not so much with recurring pain, but my body just not performing! I hope the doc gives you a solution. If not, there was an article in the last issue of RW about ideas for solving chronic pains-injuries that might me online. Good luck!