Wednesday, March 8, 2017

When I Need a Laugh

First of all, thank you all so much for your helpful comments (and emails) about my last post. I have an appointment with a sports medicine doctor set for April 10 and hopefully something good comes of it; in the meantime, I'll be doing some yoga (thanks, Kristina) and trying intervals and maybe some shoe testing (thanks, Karen). I'll also be relying pretty heavily on classroom workouts for a little while.

Speaking of, this week, Elizabeth's and my third musketeer is joining us for workouts! She has been wanting to join but had some scheduling things to figure out. Now, though, she'll start joining us for classroom workouts after school. I hope she doesn't mind sweaty selfies!
We have been looking forward to her joining us for MONTHS.
I've been pretty exhausted and bummed because of my leg drama, but a few videos I watched this week made me laugh/lifted my spirits, so I'm sharing them for you guys!

Guys, runners take things really seriously and are super intense about stuff. Why don't we treat everything we do with the same gusto?!
Also, who's to say just because I'm taking pictures in my active wear that I've been active that day? There's a whole new genre of clothing completely designed around looking athletic but lounging hardcore.
This isn't running related, but with the new Beauty & the Beast coming out (starring my woman-crush Emma Watson), I had to share this. B&tB is my favorite fairytale ever - Disney or otherwise - because I love a bookish brunette heroine. Cinderella may be played here by one of my all-time favorite actresses, but Belle wins hands down.
Finally, anytime I'm feeling really quite bad, or even just a little blue, this song lifts me out of it...or at least makes me feel a little less alone. It's funny, poignant, and honest. The second stanza is especially apropos these days, and the end always gives me chills. I can't recommend it highly enough.
(Sidenote: If you like genuine musical talent with a splash of irreverent humor, Tim Minchin is for you. I have lost hours down the YouTube rabbit hole listening to his performances. If you think you may like him, definitely watch Storm next.)

These videos got me through Tuesday. I hope they bring a little joy to your mid-week surfing!

What other hobby do you take as "seriously" as running?
Are you a fan of athleisure?
Belle or Cinderella?



  1. That princess rap battle was hilarious! hahaha thanks for sharing! I definitely prefer Belle over fact, I'm not sure I've ever even seen Cinderella! :-o I'm not a huge fan of athleisure on a daily basis, but I appreciate that I can go to the grocery store in running tights and no one bats an eye. :)

  2. Haha, I think the entire country is wearing Athileasure. It's a great way for people to look like they;kve been "busy" or are going to be!

  3. I take my elem. school performances way more seriously than I should!!

  4. The hobby video was hilarious!! I only talk to people about running when they ask, and even then, I don't share a lot.

    I saw the active wear video and kept asking myself, who goes to the grocery store on only a sports bra? and how come there are no men on sweatpants on this video!

  5. BELLE!!!

    I am sorta serious about tennis. I also like taking photos and knitting. I used be serious about quilting.

    Running is my current love - no lie.

  6. Love the princess rap battle. Of course I'm a Belle girl though I don't like Disney - it was the Robin McKinley books that got me in her court.

    And yes, that hobbies video is too spot on.