Friday, October 3, 2014

Be Proactive

After my last post, I've been thinking a lot about paces. I secured my first PR for a half marathon by running four days a week broken down into three four-milers and one long run.

I got my most recent half PR by training for a bigger race (Ragnar) and running on tired legs but with a renewed sense of accomplishment and confidence.

So what matters more, the mileage or the attitude?
This was my plan just a couple weeks ago.
My training plan right now only calls for three runs a week. I feel like my mileage is so low for marathon training. I don't want to add a fourth run a week because I want to avoid injury, and I think three runs cut out any "junk" miles. (I don't believe in junk miles unless I'm training for something specific. Sometimes we just want to run!)

Anyway, after reflecting on Saturday's super slow long run, I reassessed my training and realized I've been neglecting my speedwork. And what better time to rectify that than now? I've decided to be proactive about my finishing-after-the-line-closes fear and be more diligent about my speedwork.
A post-run dip in the pool, complete with Matt's iconic pirate face.
Monday Matt joined me for my golf course run. It's become my go-to for my shakeout runs after a long run. I love the silence and the openness of the course. I don't have to have it planned out; I can just run until my legs feel done, then run home.
Wednesday called for 400 repeats.
Wednesday I put my money where my mouth is and did my speedwork. I was going to run the parking garage but after Nessa posted about 400s, I had an urge to visit my loop in the park. I warmed up with a mile on the street, then did 400 repeats on the circle. They felt amazing.
I've shifted back to evening runs during the week because I need the extra sleep; I'm really enjoying shedding the day's stress at night, but I do miss the convenience of morning runs.
By the time I finished, it was so dark on the track (it's not lit) that I couldn't tell if the critter that crossed my path was a rat or a really tiny, fast possum.
I was beyond excited to end the week with some quality girl time. Some of the Girls Gone Miles Ragnar team met up for dinner Thursday night. It's so hard to schedule a time when we can all be there, but I'm trying to make it a monthly thing. 
Naples Flatbread is the best...I had the Spinarti (artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, garlic, mozzarella, and a balsamic reduction sauce) on gluten free crust.
It's seriously so uplifting and fulfilling to spend time with women you respect and love and who get running!
I wore heels all day to take some pressure off my left heel, which hurt after speedwork. Worked like a charm.
I'm looking forward to working on my arms Friday and a shorter long run Saturday. I finally feel like I'm embracing training and enjoying it again. The last couple weeks have made me really happy, despite (or maybe because of) how tough they've been.

What do you think matters most for speed: training or attitude?
What's your favorite pizza topping? 
 Have you ever worn heels to make your feet feel better? This was a first for me!



  1. Oh man I have to say it is a combo of the two- training, yes, but also ATTITUDE! I think having a good attitude can only help and a bad attitude and only hurt. I am so sorry to ask this, as I feel like I should KNOW the answer, but what is the marathon you are running? I am glad you are getting back into enjoying your runs. Marathon training is stressful and there is definitely an ebb and flow (for me anyway!) in positive feelings about running and negative feelings!

    1. Don't feel bad!! My race is Nov. 30, the Space Coast Marathon in Cocoa Beach, FL. I'm excited for the countdown on the jumbotron!!

      I hope these positive feelings last for the rest of training!

  2. Mmmm that flatbread looks delicious!

    I agree that attitude is such a big factor in racing well, and believe that there are many factors that make up a positive attitude -- sleep, work, relationships, confidence from solid training, etc. I think it's hard to get the stairs to align but when they do PRs happen :)

    1. hehe...getting stairs to align is a problem the Hogwarts kids have to deal with! ;o)

      You're so right that being positive is about more than just running positivity, but also life.

  3. I am so glad you're feeling good about running again! It always feels great when it comes back. I'm feeling worn out and am planning on taking a step back after this weekend's half. I do believe that training is very important, but attitude is far more important. Quality miles vs. a lot of miles. My friend who has been running for 20 years, was a track star, and has run several marathons and a few ultras firmly believes in quality miles and he's always harping on me to back off and train less. He is currently training for a marathon and is only running quality miles. I think anyone can do anything with the right attitude.

    1. I love running whenever I want and don't think junk miles really exist...but when I have a specific race or goal in mind, then I believe in being smarter and more picky about how much I run.

      You're right, it feels SO good when the love comes back!

  4. I think we need to tweak our training plans to how our bodies are feeling. Good on you for realizing that you needed speed work and tackling it head on. You are going to do great in the marathon...I just know it!

    1. Yes, it's definitely true!! We have to be flexible!

  5. Yay for enjoying training again! It is very tough!!! I think attitude is very important but also think knowing your body is important! Glad you are recognizing both!!!! :)

    1. I guess both mind and body need to be in sync (lol, I can't write that without thinking of the 90s) for perfect training!