Monday, June 2, 2014

Bondi Band Review & Giveaway

Alright everyone, get ready for something really exciting! I am finally doing my first ever giveaway, and I couldn't be more thrilled that it's for an accessory I seriously love.
My Ragnar Bondi Band!
Bondi Bands are slip-free headbands that keep your hair in place and keep sweat from getting in your eyes. I first tried Bondi Bands when I was running Ragnar, and I've been sold ever since. 

For one thing, I have a freakishly small head, so the fact that these headbands stay put without the help of any bobby pins is pretty amazing. For another, Bondi Bands run at about $10 a pop, which is really fairly priced, especially when you look at how expensive similar products can be.
I like that I can pull Bondi Bands over my ears if it's cold out. That's one multi-tasking headband, people!
  • One size fits all...for real. No need for bobby pins to tame those extra flyaways.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  •  Non-slip, won't pull hair or pinch your scalp.
  • Inexpensive but not cheap.
  • They come in a variety of colors and styles.
  • Certain styles of the bands can run a little wide. I fix this by folding the top and bottom under; no big deal! 
I folded the top and bottom under here, and was good to go!
So what do I have to give away? I have two Bondi Bands for one lucky winner! You can choose two from any of the three pictured below!
"Mirror Mirror", "Neon Pink", and "Marathon Girl"
But wait, there's more! If you're really excited to get your hands on a Bondi Band this month, you can use the code SWEATPINK at checkout to receive 10% off any non-sale and non-custom items.The coupon code is good through June 28.

Good luck! And don't forget to follow and check back June 7...that's when I'll announce the winner!



  1. My favorite way to sweat is running with yoga in close second! :)
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. My favorite way to sweat is laying on the beach!

    but... more realistically walk/jogging. :)

  3. You are the perfect person to do a headband giveaway! You have the best collection of any running blogger I have ever seen :)

    My favorite way to sweat is on a nice, long run on Saturdays!

  4. I love bondi bands and never workout without one!! I could use some replacements for my more worn-out ones :)

    My favorite way to sweat by running or doing the Cardio Fix video.

  5. I've just started wearing Bondi Bands and would love to add to my collection :-) Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  6. Forgot to mention my favorite way to sweat is PINK!!! and running... HA!!

  7. Oh, running for sure. I've been wanting to try these out!

  8. Currently my favorite way to sweat is trying to keep up with the dogs when they set my running pace!

  9. I've never been good at using headbands because they always slip, but these seem like a good style!

  10. I've always wanted to try these headbands!

  11. Oh and I love to run and take classes at the gym!

  12. My favorite way to sweat is running!


  13. My favorite way to sweat is running! I would love the "who is the fastest of them all?" one :)

  14. I love running and cycling!

  15. Running! :D I love the Marathon Girl one!

  16. Those are so cute! I'm always in the mood for a good headband!

  17. I sparkle !!! <3 IT!!!!!

  18. Running! and lifting weights ()---()

  19. Running and weights!

    My favorite way to sweat....let me think about that for a minute.... ;-)

  21. jessica chan : a morning run before work