Saturday, May 31, 2014

Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

A few weeks ago, Vega Sport offered Sweat Pink ambassadors the opportunity to review a product of choice, and I jumped at the chance*. I was at a point in my training where I knew my approach to nutrition had to change, and trying a new product was a great way to do that. Plus, the #fuelyourbetter campaign is super eclectic and can offer something to just about any level of athlete, no matter their sport!

I chose the Pre-Workout Sugar Free Energizer for my product to review. For one thing, I'm trying to cut back on sugar in general (which is really hard for me, because I have a killer sweet-tooth), and for another, as the weather heats up, my energy pre-workout has been lagging. Not to mention that as the school year drew to a close, my energy preserves were totally sapped.
I chose to review Acai Berry, and was pleased when the product came in the mail. I was expecting just a few samples, and got quite a bit more!
I was surprised by the color, expecting it to be purple or blue based on the flavor. The Acai Berry tastes a bit like unsweetened white tea...Maybe this is because it's the sugar free version of the powder.

I definitely noticed a difference in my initial energy and stamina during my runs; the one time I skipped it (for experimental purposes!) during the trial, I definitely noticed a change in my energy level. That could have been a mental thing, or a combination of other factors.

  •  Easy to transport and take with you.
  • Fresh, light flavor.
  • It works quickly.
  • Easy/fast to drink - you mix it into just 8 oz of water.
It's hard to make a happy face while drinking from a straw, but I promise I was enjoying this!
  • Clears the pipes. (This is a pro for me because I like to know I've emptied everything out before I run, and I definitely found that - like most other pre-workout drinks - Vega Sport's Pre-Workout Energizer did the trick.)
  • Mix consistency. Some of the packets mixed better than others, but for about 80% of them, they didn't really mix in all the way, and no matter how hard I stirred or for how long, I was left with powder residue floating on top.
This is my one real complaint about the product.
  • Meant for "light intensity" workouts, such as a 30-minute run, so its effects may not last for a long run or for intense interval or speed training.
Overall, I really love this drink and I plan to keep using it. Also, after scoping out their website, I'm excited to try more of Vega Sport's products, especially their fuel for during workouts, and their protein bars.

Going along with how personalized Fuel Your Better is, I love this nifty feature on Vega's site, which allows you to put together your own plan based on your exercise routine:
Seriously awesome, especially if you're learning how to fuel for the first time.
*I was given Vega Sport Pre-Workout Sugar Free Energize for free to review. The opinions presented here are genuine, honest, and mine alone.

How do you fuel pre-workout?
What part of your workout is affected most when you don't fuel properly?



  1. Awesome review! I keep seeing "Vega" product all over the place. I think I will look into this for marathon training!!!!

    1. I'm definitely excited to try more of their products for marathon training. I've heard good things about their energy gels, too!

  2. I love this review! I am looking in to healthy pre-run fuel because of Cross Country training, so I will most definitely consider Vega :)

  3. It tastes like unsweet tea?! Really?? I should try this! I generally think workout drinks taste awful. I've never met a Gatorade flavor I liked! Unsweet tea is my favorite drink though, so this might be perfect!

    1. It tastes like unsweet WHITE tea, which I know is different than usual teas. It's a very light flavor, with a touch of bitter. I find it refreshing!