Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I belong to a couple Facebook running groups, my favorite of which is the Sub30 Club. Although I've broken the 30-minute barrier for a 5k multiple times since joining, I just find it such a perfect place to vent/seek advice/offer insights/and connect with other runners.

Once in awhile, someone will smash through the 30-minute barrier with something ridiculously fast, like a 24:xx, and there's always someone there to comment WHEELS! To me, it's the best compliment. I don't know, I just like it!

Anyway, last night I needed to make my run fast so we could eat dinner at a reasonable hour, and I pushed myself and had just about the best three miles ever. Afterwards I was cheering "Wheels wheels wheels!" to myself.

Negative splits and low 9s?! WHO AM I?!
This wasn't even a race! I have a 5k this weekend, and I'm now hoping for a PR. My 5k PR right now is 27:40, and last night's run was 3.07 miles in 27:51, so I'm hoping that with race nerves and the knowledge that I'm in good enough shape to do it, I'll break 27:30 on Saturday.
Partial credit goes to this lovely temperature dip...finally!
I need to figure out my game plan though because I need to do an 8-miler too, so my choices are to do it tomorrow night after work or Sunday morning after the race.
Credit also goes to this amazing moon!
During the run, I passed two college-aged guys getting into their car, and one of them kind of pretended to run after me. I didn't feel threatened or anything, and just kind of looked over my shoulder and smiled, and they laughed. But as I continued to run, I got kind of angry.

Like, what kind of world do we live in where it's funny to pretend to chase a woman running alone at night? Was his intent to scare me? Was that supposed to be amusing?

Anyway, the run was pretty awesome and it felt really good to just push myself the entire time.

And because I can't resist, here's something for those that want a little more proof that birds can be cuddly pets!
Click for the cutest video ever!
Are you drowning in holiday cheer yet?
What's your favorite running-related compliment?
It's Tuesday! How's your week going?



  1. Wow Awesome run! You must be so psyched!!!

    As for your eight miler, I've always followed the advice "You can run long after a race, but you shouldn't race following a long run." I also like this piece of advice because if I wait to do the long run I'm fresher at the start line ;) Good Luck!

    1. I think that's solid advice. Plus I've heard that running long after a race will give me some fatigue training, which will be beneficial for my upcoming half.

  2. WHEELS! Awesome 3 miler!!

    Archie is so sweet and it looks like he is gentle! Cecil only has two modes: asleep and super intense. When he tries to rub his head against mine he head butts me so hard it gives me a concussion.

    1. He's gently most of the time, but Archie sometimes "goes nutty" and can get a little bitey.

      I am having the funniest mental image of Cecil head-butting you. That is the stuff online videos are made of!

  3. Holy cow! Speedy! Good job!!! You are going to rock that race, for sure.

  4. So much to say... first, awesome run!! Second, your bird is so cute, I'm so glad he is feeling better. Also, I am angry with you! It is NOT funny to chase a woman. You know what also makes me mad? When I'm running and someone comments "Hurry up" or "get going". I went to say something really rude like, "Why don't you get off your ass and do something!!!???" But I don't.

    1. Luckily I've never gotten rude comments while running (mostly I hear "looking strong!" which probably means "You look tired but I'm trying to cheer you on!"), but they would make me SO angry! Why do people think it's funny to heckle runners?!

  5. I love your question: Are you drowning in holiday cheer yet? Because it's a week before Christmas. And I'm a parent. And.... barf. Christmas is haaaaaard. (But so is parenting... so I guess I'm just in a whining mood).

    Dude. Wheels- amazing 9:00 runs!!!!

    1. One good thing about not having kids: I can be as vocal as I want about my dislike for Christmas and other commercialized holidays haha. I'll be it's worth it when you get to watch the little one open gifts!

    You are so inspiring me right now!
    You are awesome!

    I am angry about that guy "pretending" to chase you. What a jerk!! I would have been freaking out but I'm glad you kept your cool!

    1. It's funny, because I KNOW he didn't mean to scare me and wasn't really "mocking" me, but it's just ridiculous that men don't understand why that's not right. I should've maced him!