Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Frosty 5k 2013

Today's race was one I was really looking forward to! It's the first in the 22.4 challenge and marked the beginning of winter break!
The race began at 8am at Twin Lakes Park. Based on my runs this week - fast legs on Monday, heavy legs on Wednesday - I was tentatively hoping for a PR. (Hope only gets you so far; I knew I'd have to push myself.) My goals were: A) break 27:40; B) actually race; C) push through the mental wall I always seem to hit 2/3 of the way into a race.
At the start line...can you find me? (Hint: I'm in the middle, grinning like a lunatic.)
There I am!
The race went well. There were all kinds of costumes to take in on the course (there was an award for best costume) and the majority of the race went through well-shaded neighborhoods. There were two patches of grass that weren't nearly as "firmly packed" as promised, and the final quarter mile was on packed shell around one of the lakes.
I don't envy this guy...he's got some great spirit, but he must have been dripping by the end!
It was a flat and beautiful run. I didn't PR, but I'm really happy with the effort I gave it. (My first mile was a way-too-fast 8:41, and I had positive splits for the rest of it, but I kept each mile safely in the mid-9s.) When I got to mile 2 and could feel that familiar mental barrier creeping up on me, I focused on my positive self-talk and kept on moving. I relished the discomfort because it meant I was actually running a race, not just "enjoying the atmosphere", which I'm often guilty of.
I'm shouting, "Oh thank the looooord I'm almost doooone!" or something like that.
I feel like a hypocrite because I've said in the past that a medal for any distance under a 10k is silly, but today's race awarded a pretty, festive snowflake medal that I can't help but love. Plus it's a bottle opener!
Because this race is part of the 22.4 challenge, I think giving a finisher's medal makes some sense, but I'm definitely eating my words!

So excited for the next race on my schedule!
Just another normal day in Florida.
Official results are: 10/36 AG; a time of 29:03; and 213 of 663 runners. I'm absolutely thrilled with those results!

This was a humbling experience that reminded me that to carve off even a little time from a race, you need to adjust your entire plan for each mile. For awhile I was setting new PRs every race, but I didn't get there by luck. I need to put the work in if I expect to see results.

After the race, we grabbed brunch at First Watch.
Avocado, bacon, and tomato hash with over-easy eggs. Just what the runner ordered!
I've been lounging around while Matt tears up the golf course with my brother. As far as winter break goes, I'd say this is a pretty great way to start, and a great race to cap off the year...2013 is a wrap.



  1. Okay, that looks like a super fun race....and Congrats by the way!!!

    I giggled that your "Frosty 5k" was run in a tank and shorts, lol. I do LOVE that bling though ;)

    You are also brave for going anywhere near a possible gator :0

    1. I know, it's not even right that the race was so warm! It was like a cruel joke. They had a bubble machine making "snow" for the kids.

  2. I agree with Heather....It just doesn't seem right to be running a Frosty 5k in such warm weather. We have a Frostbite 5 Miler in February and I could only hope that I'd be in capris and a tshirt....LOL. In my dreams!!!!

    Great medal!!!

    1. It's definitely ridiculous how warm December has been this year; last year on my Christmas run, there was ACTUAL frost on the ground!

  3. That dude in the snowman costume must have been BAKING inside. I was hot just walking from my car to the store today :-) Congrats on a great 5K!

    1. Yes, seriously...I imagine he was a little MELTY haha.

  4. HI ALI!!!!
    How are you? I haven't been on the blogging scene in forever! I'm trying to catch up on your blog!
    Congrats on such an awesome race!! I haven't been running as much and need to really get back into it. This is definitely inspiring me!
    I hope all is well!
    Enjoy your break and congrats again!!!! :)

    1. I was literally just thinking of you yesterday. I hope you're enjoying winter break!! Miss you, lady!!

  5. I love your medal! It is so cool :)

    1. Yeah, it's going to be a pretty one to add to my collection!

  6. Congratulations on a fantastic race!

  7. Great job!...the bling alone was worth entering the race ;)