Friday, May 31, 2013

RW Streak: Week 1

I am so pleased with how this week has gone! I've never done a streak before and I was a little nervous, but having made the commitment, I knew I would stick with it.
Day 4: I rediscovered my appreciation for the treadmill.
The first few days, I got up early and did outdoor runs. When I re-enrolled at LA Fitness, I did a couple runs there. I'd forgotten how refreshing the treadmill can be! Plus, I didn't have to worry about summer storms getting in my way. I purposely kept my mileage on my runs low; I was worried about the lack of rest days.
Day 5: ready to rock!
 But rejoining a gym means I'm also doing full-body workouts. It's amazing how quickly strengthening and weight-lifting can impact runs. Today, for the first time in a long time, I had a run that just felt good. It didn't feel like a chore. I wanted to go farther, rather than cut it short at the bare minimum distance of a mile.
Matt and I partake in a post-workout stretch.
 Part of this was that I slowed my pace. I'd forgotten that sometimes, pace comes second. I allowed myself to start slow and build the speed on the treadmill, and I kept the top speed slower than yesterday's. The result was a longer run that left me happier, satisfied, and stoked for tomorrow.

Another benefit of being a gym member again is that it motivates Matt to go. He loves working out, but he has a very physical job. When he's tired from working, it's hard to get him to the gym. My going guarantees he'll find the energy and get himself out there.

Doesn't he look manly stretching his quad?
The last week of school, a student generously presented me with a gift card to Fit2Run, my favorite running store. I happily spent it this week, purchasing what are now my all-time-top-choice running shorts and my first BIC Band.
New favorite shorts! Please excuse my unruly hair and unruly floor. I'm a mess.
Much better! At least the BIC Band can tame my hair.
I love how these shorts come in different inseam lengths, aren't spandex but aren't "fluffy" (suffering from too much material), have a wide waistband that's comfortable and flattering, and include three pockets. Definitely worth the splurge!

We finished this week with dinner for Kim's birthday at Mad Fresh Urban Bistro.
I like living where she chooses to vacation!
Next week, Matt and I are going to be spending some time at his dad's timeshare. It's a huge family event. Matt has promised to run with me while we're there. I hope to stay motivated, even with some travel and beach time thrown into the mix.

How has your week been?
What is your favorite piece of running clothing/accessory?
Can you believe it's almost June?!



  1. Those shorts look great. I've trying to find some like you mentioned--not spandex, but not poofy. I just got some of the Brooks Epiphany Stretch (on sale!!) and I'm a fan.

    1. I tried on some Brooks shorts...not sure what kind they were, but the material felt too stiff. But I like Brooks apparel in general, so I'm going to keep looking for a good pair by them!

  2. yay for bic bands! I loooove mine. I love my spi belt but it can get a little bulky so I'm itching for a flip belt. just need to get into shape and justify buying one (they aren't that expensive but I work in mental health, ha).

    1. I like the band, but I think next time I'll get one of their adjustable ones. It's tad too big on my head! I have a freakishly small head lol.

      My next belt will have to be a fuel/water belt. I'm not looking forward to running with that!

  3. I think my favorite piece of gear is my RoadID. Just the fact that I "needed" it made me feel like a real runner. And sometimes... I wear it to the grocery store/library because it reminds me that I'm a badass.

    1. I have had RoadID on my wishlist for months! What info did you end up putting on yours?

  4. Yay for our dinner together at Mad Fresh!