Thursday, May 30, 2013

At the Ol' Ball Game

The best thing about summer has got to be the fruit. So many berries are in season and on sale! I love when cherries cost $4 instead of $7.
Gone in 60 seconds
 Matt and I went to a Rays game (my first of the season) last night. It was our first time at the Miami Marlins' stadium, and boy was it empty! There are all kinds of issues going on with the Marlins, due to their manager. (If you're a baseball fan and enjoy some snarky commentary on the whole Loria business, read more about it here.)
Let's play ball!
The stadium was really empty, even for a mid-week game, and the Rays fans outnumbered the Marlins fans 2-to-1. Very, very odd to be a fan of the away team and be in the majority!
The Transformers were there for some reason.
The stadium is really cool. There are refillable popcorn stations, self-serve froyo, lots of Latin food, and gluten free options!
I rarely drink these days, and usually my limit is one. But I had to splurge and have a second beer last night because the novelty of having GF beer from a public establishment still hasn't worn off for me. Needless to say, by the end of the night I was taking all kinds of pointless photos and screaming for the players using ridiculous nicknames I'd created.

The game was relatively uneventful. The Rays scored two of their three runs in the first inning, and the final score was 3-1 Rays. But the turnover between innings was faster than I've ever seen, so for an uneventful game, it certainly wasn't boring.
Matt and Ryan discuss important baseball-y things.
We had nice close seats, so I got to see the players warmup. Usually we're in the nosebleeds, so that was really cool.
The Rays take the field for the final inning.
Because of the long drive home (resulting in a late night) and the two Redbridge I consumed, I opted out of an early morning run. My run for the fourth day of the RW streak will be in just a little bit, as I'm set to head to the gym around lunchtime. Here's hoping it's not too crowded at mid-day!

What teams are you loyal to?

How is your RW running streak going?

What's your favorite snack to have at a sporting event?

What's your favorite thing about summer?



  1. I'm loyal to Braves & Cubs. (I know, it's odd.)

    I gotta go with either nachos or hotdogs at the ballpark. But Marlins Park sure does have a lot of choices.

    1. As much as I wanted froyo last night, it appears that being at a game makes me crave hot dogs and beer. Maybe it's because I never have them otherwise!

  2. We can't sit still long enough for baseball games!! Looks like you had fun though!

    1. We saw quite a few little kids and babies who were thoroughly enjoying the game, but I know that when you've got little movers, baseball can be a hard sport to watch!