Monday, June 3, 2013

Running Outfits & Staycations

Packing for a trip with running on my mind is an interesting endeavor. Usually, I would just throw my favorite running clothes into my suitcase without having to consider what I've worn recently, because when I'm taking rest days between runs, there's time for one last load of laundry. But the Runner's World run streak has certainly thrown a wrench into my usual plan.

It's only day 1 and I'm already lobster-red. I reapplied sunscreen three times!
Running everyday means my two pairs of compression sleeves aren't enough; my three favorite running outfits need to be packed, but I'm also running the day before (and the day of) the beginning of my that means I have to wear a non-favorite backup outfit before we leave.

Am I the only one who has these? A running outfit that's comfortable and works well but just isn't the best? It's just not your favorite thing to wear?
Backup plan B. (I swear, someday I'll clean this room.)
My "plan B" outfit is a white sleeveless top and pink Puma shorts. The top is weirdly modest; I love singlets, but this top is high-cut at the neck and is just a slightly heavier material than a race singlet, so it's not as nice to wear. The shorts are one of my favorite styles - I have the same pair in black and adore them - but for some reason this shade of pink makes me feel so frivolous. I love me some pink, but something about the shade and the style together just makes me feel silly.
Plan C...These shorts scream 80s aerobics video, no?
 My "plan C" outfit is spandex bike shorts and a running top from Target. I actually prefer this top to the white one, but because it's so fitted, I think it makes the pink shorts look even poofier than they are. (Lots of thought has to go into this...maybe I should just start buying more of my favorites, even though they're expensive.)

If I'm in the position of wearing these clothes, I probably also have to forgo wearing my calf sleeves, and I might find myself wearing regular Hanes socks. Like I said, these articles of clothing are perfectly fine for running. They fit well, they're actual running clothes, etc. But this is definitely an "all my clothes are dirty or otherwise occupied" wardrobe choice.

My favorite running outfits include my Saucony Hydralite singlets, my Puma or Nike shorts (black bottoms are key), compression sleeves or socks by ProCompression, and Thorlo Experia socks.
I approve!
Internet is going to be hit-and-miss for the remainder of the week, so here's some random stuff to end this post on:

1. My sister ran her first race since November's Turkey Trot; she's been doing CrossFit, but hasn't been running. She destroyed her 5k time, coming in around 25 minutes and placing 2nd in her AG! I guess there really is something to say for cross-training.

Hey, whatever gets you moving...
The spirit of a race really gets to her...So sensitive!
2. I was worried I'd have to break my run streak for two reasons. First, I was having some hip pain; that went away, luckily. Then, I got that fantastic sunburn pictured above. While it hurt to put on my running clothes and get moving, today's run was one of my best. I felt strong, kept my pace uncomfortable, and added some distance. This is definitely the longest streak I've ever been on, and it's having the desired effects of turning running back into a habit for me, improving my running fitness, and getting me into a routine before marathon training begins.
3. Matt's and my staycation continues this week. We've already enjoyed a full day of beachy goodness, family, and games. As an introvert, this can be very overwhelming and exhausting for me, but so far it's been simply delightful.
Enjoying the sunet.
Nothing better.
Do you prefer the beach or the pool? 
Do you like to vacation where it's warm or cold?
Anyone have a fool-proof sunburn treatment to share? I usually do ibuprofen, lots of water, and aloe, but my usual cure doesn't seem to be helping.



  1. Beach for lounging and playing with the kids, pool for swimming.

    Vacation? What's that? We just travel to see family.

    Your sunburn tactics are pretty much mine, so no advice, sorry. Hope it gets better soon!

    1. I guess this is kind of a "travel to see family" kind of thing. Matt's dad has a timeshare with the rest of the family, so we're just mooching haha.

  2. Love the watermelon compressions! I need... I have about 50 workout outfits and negative 2 going out outfits. Never enough!

    1. I have so many workout clothes I need to donate and replace...but of course, same goes for real life clothes!

  3. You should see me trying to pack for Ragnar!! Three outfits, plus warm-up gear (it's going to be 50 degrees at night!!!), rain stuff just in case, socks, shoes... all in one tiny duffle bag. I had to break out the "backup" bra for the shortest run... I LOVE your selfies in all your outfits! So cute!

    1. Oh my...for Ragnar I'm tempted to wear ONE outfit all 24 hours...I'm going to stock up on favorites though so that by February I have a lot of choices.