Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hi, Kids

Late last night my illness hit a peak, and Matt had to bring me to the ER for an emergency dose of antibiotics. It's all a lot less exciting (and WAY more expensive) than it sounds. In the interest of not being a zombie, I took the morning off.

(I counted the minutes until I could go into one feels guilt over missing a day like teachers do. If ever there was an excuse to take a full day, surely a late night ER visit is one.)

Anyway, remember two posts ago when I wrote this?:

When I got to school today, this was on my board:

Notice the quotation marks, the use of "the", the winky face...I'd make a darn fine detective.
So, unless coincidences really do exist, I have a few lurkers out there. If that's any of you kiddos, thanks for leaving me such nice notes to pick up my mood after a long night.