Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On My Radar

Just because I'm sidelined for the time being doesn't mean there's not some running stuff out there worthy of a mention. (Health update: today my voice is gone. If the timelines of past colds are anything to go by, I'll be feeling 90% better by Monday, so hopefully May won't be entirely run-less.)

Things on my radar right now:

1. Caffeine helps alleviate pain symptoms. Suddenly, ingesting caffeinated chews and goos during races makes a whole new level of sense. (My source for this one is this article; not always reliable, but certainly amusing.)
YES! Another reason to be addicted to this stuff!
2. Evan Longoria, nearly-everybody's favorite Ray, participated with his girlfriend in the Miles for Moffitt, a walk/race to raise money for the Moffitt Cancer Center. When I was fifteen, I spent a harrowing day there being probed and tested by extremely friendly and caring doctors. Luckily, everything turned out fine for me, but cancer is a bitch (pardon my French - I get a little zealous about it) and I can always get behind a race meant to support its destruction. It's just a bonus that a big name brought in some extra publicity.

Miles for Moffitt founder Karen Dalton with Longoria and girlfriend Jaime Edmondson
3. Runner's World posted an article today via their twitter on gluten sensitivity. As someone actually diagnosed with Celiac, I nearly shouted "Hallelujah!" when I saw this article. Don't get me wrong; I love that gluten sensitivity is in vogue right now. It means easily accessible GF food for me. But it's pretty frustrating to hear so many people SWEAR that cutting "most" gluten out of their diet has done wonders.

To me, it's all or nothing. All I'm saying is: if you think you're gluten sensitive, GET TESTED. Cutting out gluten if you don't need to isn't any healthier; lots of GF foods are TERRIBLE for you, and you can't get the added benefit of, say, whole grain wheat. (Stepping off my soapbox...)

Click here to read the full article.
In other news, I gave Matt whatever I have. Hey, sharing is caring, right?

What other sports (besides running) do you follow? Baseball...minimally...and mostly just to keep Matt happy.

How do you get your caffeine boost?

Do you follow any special diets, either by preference or necessity? As someone forced to be GF, I am adventurous and will try anything I'm not intolerant to; I stopped being a vegetarian shortly after my diagnosis.



  1. I see the hype of GF diets everywhere and it drives me nuts - you can't just stop eating a food group because it's trendy/you think it might be healthier! however, I have been starting to develop food allergies (not to gluten) and it's just so infuriating and awful, so I do empathize in some ways. I'm 27! gah.

    I'm totally a coffee drinker (ironically, my mom is very, very allergic to coffee!)

    1. I don't know how I'd survive if I ever developed a coffee allergy. Figuring out new allergies sucks; I hope you adjust quickly!

    2. right now I'm super sensitive (aka I get all red and rashy and tingly mouth) after I eat any and all fruit and anything with eggs in it. umm... no thank you!

      I didn't have a sip of coffee until I was 23 (!) because I was so paranoid I was allergic but ha, I drink way too much coffee nowadays :)

  2. Totally agree on the gluten statement you made. I do not drink coffee. Smells so good but tastes so bad!

    1. Coffee is such a miracle, I feel like even smelling it is going to benefit you haha.

  3. I've also been happy to see the rebuttals to the whole GF issue - both as someone who knows people with celiac and as a very happy wheat/rye eater.

    Caffeine - I'm senstive to it, so I know I currently consume more than I should. However, until certain small creatures around my house let me sleep through the night consistently (and I actually mean the four-legged ones right now), this will probably be my routine: black tea with milk and sugar first thing, then black coffee with my breakfast, then green tea later in the morning. And of course a little bit of dark chocolate in the afternoon. Coffee with almond milk instead of green tea on the weekends. I have always loved the smell of it, even when I thought it was disgusting to drink.

    Saving the food stuff for a post of my own!

    1. I never think caffeine affects me until I miss my morning coffee and have to deal with a screeching headache all day. Your schedule of coffee/tea sounds delicious and indulgent hehe.

      Looking forward to your food post!