Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Once More a Gym Member

I'm not a huge fan of cross-training, but I'm learning to take it seriously. For one thing, I know the summer months are going to drive me indoors for some runs on the treadmill. For another, if I want to remain uninjured through this run streak and, more importantly, through my marathon training, I'll need to really work on building up my strength.

So, I've reopened my gym account and headed over there tonight for a late-night workout.
I'd already run today, so I did just a couple minutes on the rowing machine to warm up. I've never used this before! I was pretty proud of myself.
This may be the first time I didn't wear my running shoes to the gym.
I did mostly core work, some light leg work, and upper-body lifting. I did my planks and stretches. I took it pretty easy, but was happy to get some weights in.

After the workout, I had a Luna Bar and some chocolate soy milk. I can have regular milk, but Silk is so tasty AND has more calcium than regular milk! Plus, protein!

I'm feeling great about the run streak so far! I'm going to do just a mile again tomorrow, then start building up at the end of this week. No rest days means low mileage, but I'm starting to get bored/antsy with the distance. It has been nice, though, to just roll out of bed and out to a perfectly calculated path, without having to drive to a starting point.

This was some much-needed motivation today.

How is your week going so far?

Do you prefer the treadmill or outdoor running?

Do you like going to the gym?



  1. Rowing!! I haven't done that in so long... I like going to classes at the gym to meet up with friends, but I'd rather get all gross and sweaty on my own!

    1. I've never taken a class; they intimidate me!

  2. I am a gym rat although since moving from Orlando to a small town my gym doesn't offer many classes (I teach Zumba). I love the atmosphere! I love classes but am always up for a good run too :)