Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Same Route, Different Day

As a follow-up to yesterday's post about Monday's disaster of a run, I needed to quickly mention today's awesome turn-around.

I had some self-doubt, thinking about Monday's run. But I knew that if I didn't tackle the same archer's bow route that killed me then, I'd never have faith in myself to do it again. So, strapping on the ol' Nike Pegasuses (Pegasi?), I drove out to a better starting point (having mapped it this time...see, I learn from my mistakes!) and started the run at an easy pace.

I did the straight part of the run first this time, and took the curved part of the loop back. By the time I got to the turn, my right knee was aching a bit but I knew I was on track. I enjoyed the beauty of the run again, this time knowing I could complete it.

I had programmed my Nike+ for 3.5 miles, but it never told me when I hit the goal. So I actually ran 3.6. And I stayed below a 10:00 pace the entire time! (9:30/9:39/9:42 splits.)

I iced, used the rolling pin, and stretched. Tomorrow is my appointment to see what kind of shoes I should look for next, but with the success of today, I'm a little reluctant to even entertain the thought of giving up my Nikes.

I'm proud of myself for looking my doubt in the face and squashing it flat. Today was definitely a Good run day.


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