Friday, June 12, 2020

Some Big News

The last quarter of this school year was like nothing I've ever experienced. The main factor being this global pandemic, of course.

Spring break began on March 13; originally, I was supposed to be in LA for the ASCD conference at that time, but we decided to cancel. We left school that Friday with an extremely rough set of instructions for if our return to school after spring break was delayed.

Obviously, we never returned to school.
New work-from-home attire: PJ bottoms all day.
Remote crisis schooling was...something else. I was impressed daily by my teachers and their flexibility, innovation, creativity, and grace under pressure. This was a hard way to end the year; despite kind of enjoying being isolated at home with Matt, I wasn't immune to the fear and concern circulating because of Covid-19. As an asthmatic with an autoimmune disease, I'll admit my paranoia was (and still is) heightened.
Jenn, me, and Jess standing outside with masks on for 8th grade graduation
I cannot imagine working in an office without these ladies.
The entire graduation team under blue and red balloons
8th grade graduation just wasn't the same!
On top of all this, Matt and I had listed our house for sale just a week or so before Florida schools shut down. We were under contract just as the Stay at Home issue was ordered. We had to deal with inspectors and realtors, packing and moving, and finding a new place to live while being constantly vigilant to avoid contamination.
can of lysol wipes and a note reading "welcome! we encourage you to take a Clorox wipe to use when touching door handles, light switches, etc. Thank you!"
House hunting was made doubly difficult because we had some very specific guidelines: we wanted a short-term lease, three months max.

That brings me to the real piece of news; if you read my last post, you'll know where this is heading.
me and Matt in the car, wearing masks, with our signed title transfer document
Matt and I have officially decided to move to Seattle. Our lease is up at the end of July; we'll make a short stop in Sarasota to see our parents, and then we'll start our cross-country drive.

Why Seattle? For years, Scott and Robby had planned to move out there, and our interest was piqued as long ago as 2016. Back in 2018, we took a two-week vacation out there for their wedding. The moment I stepped off the plane, I felt totally and completely at home. It was a feeling of belonging I have only ever experienced in Beachwood - my childhood home - and Edinburgh. 
photo of me and Matt in front of the Seattle Space Needle
We went back in December 2018 to make sure we liked Seattle winters. No complaints!
This is a scary time to choose to make such a big move, but with everything going on right now, we want to be in Seattle more than ever. Yes, even with Covid. Yes, even with the protests. We just don't want to wait any longer.

Details still need to be ironed out, but it feels freeing to have a plan and to have made a decision. It feels right. We've been yearning for this for years. It feels good to finally make it a reality.
me at my desk at work, everything packed up to leave
I can't believe I'm leaving this office and the best office-mates ever!
Leaving will be bittersweet. I've been at my school for 11 years! The friends I've made here are truly family, and when I think of leaving them it physically hurts. 
Me, Stacey, and Elizabeth sitting on yoga mats in Elizabeth's classroom
My work besties have been there for me through so much!
We've tackled some major life events here. My parents, siblings, and Steph's sweet little family live here. Matt's parents live here. Not being able to have a big goodbye bash with everyone together is making this exponentially more difficult.

But we're as ready as we'll ever be, and time waits for no one.

It'll be tough, but it'll be worth it.

Our next adventure awaits!


(In case it needs to be said, we support the protests and are doing our part. Black lives matter.)


  1. Congrats! I haven't made it to the PNW yet, but I bet it'll be a great place to explore !

  2. I will miss your being down the road so much. But adventure awaits!