Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Chloe Ting 2 Week Challenge - Week One

Summer weather and Covid spikes in Florida have kept me inside for a week straight. I decided it was time to commit to some at-home workouts. I found Chloe Ting's 2 Week Challenge via a Try Guy's video where they tried a few different YouTube workouts and decided to give it a...try.
Screenshot of the 5 YouTube videos for Chloe Ting's 2 Week Challenge Workout
I started on a Wednesday rather than wait for a new week to start. I had Matt take some "before" photos, but I won't be posting those until after the full 14 days, if at all. At this point I'm halfway through. I wish I had remembered to take my measurements before I started.

My issue with programs like this is that they can create a false hope for getting a perfectly sculpted body in a really short time, which is unrealistic. Chloe talks about that in other videos and on her website, and she's super encouraging to everyone, no matter their results at the end. Because I lost weight last summer and kept it off, I think my body could potentially reflect some change in a short time, but I don't expect miracles.

I haven't been purposefully changing my diet while doing this challenge, but as always happens when I'm consistently working out, my appetite has changed naturally, so I'm snacking less, eating more fruit, and drinking more water. I am still doing intermittent fasting, so I complete the daily workout before I eat, first thing after I wake up.
Screenshot of videos for days 1 and 2 of the challenge
I did not do the optional video on Day 2.
Day 1: My body didn't know what hit it. Not only have I not been running much, but I'm also barely moving, seeing as it's officially summer break. My heart-rate skyrocketed during these first two videos and I really had to take a lot of breaks. It was discouraging. I am always kind of amazed that I can go for a two-mile run in 80% humidity and my heart-rate stays pretty tame, but five minutes of planks has me shaking.

Day 2: Despite being a little sore, Day 2 was much easier. I think my mind and body were just already in a better place with more realistic expectations about the workout. I enjoyed the workout.
Screenshot of videos for days 3 and 4 of the challenge
Day 3: OW. My hip flexors were super sore upon waking, and they stayed sore and weak through most of the day's four videos. Exercises like In-and-Outs and leg raises seem to work my groin more than my abs, and I'm just not very strong there. I felt super accomplished for completing all four videos.

Day 4: I nearly skipped a video today, but since tomorrow is a rest day, I dug deep and got it done. I noticed upon waking that my stomach already seemed tighter than it has been. Not super muscular/defined, but just a little flatter. My wrists hurt pretty badly from all the plank work, which is unusual for me. Perhaps it's because I'm doing these workouts on carpet. I'll try setting my yoga mat up on tile for Day 6!
Ali standing on the sidewalk with her hands on her hips, smiling. There is grass and trees behind her. She is wearing a black long-line sports bra and black spandex shorts.
I actually felt physically very strong on this run! I don't have any visible muscle definition yet but I definitely feel stronger.
Day 5: Active rest day. Matt and I found a nearby neighborhood that's still in the process of being built. It's much quieter and less populated than our current place, so I felt much more comfortable running there. I ran two very slow miles; I was surprised by how good I felt on the run despite being so sore! My hips and hip flexors felt great, but I'm definitely not acclimated to summer weather and humidity right now.
Day 6: Despite running in the evening and working out the following morning, I still felt really fresh and capable for Day 6. I moved my yoga mat to a tiled part of the condo and it did make a difference on my wrists and ankles. The workouts seem easier (I know what to anticipate, I'm taking shorter breaks, and completing more sets in the time limit), but I'm still working up a major sweat and struggling in certain areas.

Day 7: I felt more tired at the start today, but was able to complete all the videos with minimal rest. I feel like a noodle! While I haven't seen any obvious improvements aesthetically yet, I definitely feel stronger and generally just "better" than I have in awhile!

At this point, I am thinking a lot about how I wish the program used the lower body and core/arm workouts more frequently, but I like that there are only a few videos that you cycle through. It's just predictable enough without getting boring.
A selfie of Ali sitting on a blue yoga mat, smiling
I'm ready to tackle the second week!


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  1. I really admire your ability to make yourself work out. I would be cheating all over the place.