Friday, March 1, 2019

The End of an Era

I started using Daily Mile back in January of 2010. I'm not sure why I started; I'm sure a friend told me to join, since the Nike+ platform (which I was using at the time) was less about the social aspect of sharing run stats and was more about basic logging. This week, I logged in to update my track and field workouts from the week and saw this message:
To be honest, now that I'm on Strava and Garmin Connect, I'm not having the same existential crisis over this as I did when I migrated away from Nike+. I have plenty of logs to track my runs and plenty of platforms to keep up with my fellow runners. Also, once I "lost" my data on my oldest runs, I kind of got over it; I realize now that just because my first few years of running aren't recorded, it doesn't mean they didn't happen.

The one thing I'm going to miss is the shoe-mileage tracking. I absolutely hate using Strava and Garmin to track shoe mileage. On both platforms, when you add a shoe, there's no option to add how many miles are already on it - all shoes start at zero; on Garmin, I can't seem to add shoes/miles via the app, and I rarely log in on the computer because the site is slow and annoying.

Also, the Strava widget I use in my sidebar hasn't updated in over a week, so A1A is missing. I'm irked.

Anyway, I've decided to just start a spreadsheet. It will make keeping track of shoe mileage easy and it's a platform that will never be shut down.
Now I can just add the distance in to the appropriate column and sum up the total mileage at the bottom. It's not the prettiest or most intricate tracking log, but it'll do!

Speaking of track and field workouts, I haven't actually run since A1A, but we did a couple tough circuits that honestly have left me hurting. I know I won't be able to run on t&f coaching days (Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays), but I hope to find the energy to run Mondays and Saturdays during season.
I guess with DM going away, I'll need to figure out another place to log non-running workouts when I feel like doing so. Maybe that's what this blog will go back to being about! Everything comes full circle.



  1. I think you can post non running workouts on Strava. I haven't done it much but I've seen others!(I still log into Nike+ occasionally to have it sync up and load all the miles :)

    1. I've put mine in Strava recently; it seems to work okay! I still don't quite like the platform setup as much as DM but it'll make a good alternative.

      My Nike+ profile has been wiped because it's been so long since I logged in!

  2. So about core strength--I am way late coming to the party, but in my 60s finally absorbed the fact that core strength is EVERYTHING. Posture, strength for all other movements, protection of joints and muscles. Geez, if only I had cared 30 years ago. So here's some advice from an oldie: mind your core! I hear your eyes rolling! I told you I was late to the party ;)

    1. I will keep this in mind the next time I decide to quit core work!