Tuesday, March 26, 2019

5k Season

After A1A, I took a much-needed break. It felt really good to focus on track & field and push my own "training" to the side. I've done a couple challenging runs in the last few weeks, mostly playing with speed work again and running the bridge, but I haven't actually been running.
Stretching after running the bridge for the first time in AGES!
That changes now. Track & field has a few more weeks to go; our first regional meet is Wednesday, the second is next Tuesday, and depending on if any of our kiddos qualify for championships, the season may end there.

Monday I finally laced up and went for a run in the neighborhood where I do most of my training. After A1A I was bored with it, but it felt really nice to be back on familiar ground. My legs and body felt good, too, despite the warmer weather; I think I am just ready to be back.
So you know what that means! Springtime in Florida isn't exactly race season, but there are still a handful of half marathons and 10ks out there well into May. I prefer to stick to short distances once it starts to heat up, though.

I've already signed up for the Fast and the Furriest 5k (which I've run a few times in the past (last year with Shelagh and Allison) and the Sup 'n Run 5k, which I've also run a few times. As usual, Matt will be supping and running that one. Shelagh is running F&F again, too.

I'm looking forward to having some familiar 5ks on my calendar. I think it's what I need  right now. I'd like to find a third between the two (F&F is coming up in early April and S&R is in late May). I'll keep my eyes open for one.

I may even consider planning a 2019-2020 race calendar. Right now I'm still in a different mindset when it comes to running/training/racing, the result of my surgeries and time off, but I'd like to be in good enough running shape that if a longer fall race piques my interest I can jump in and run it without too much hassle.

I guess we'll see! For now, I've got these two to keep me occupied.



  1. This post is motivating me to sign up for a spring 5K! Is it bad that I've been feeling like I've lost the zest for getting up super early to run? I can't seem to find it in me to roll out of bed at 5:30am to get ready for a long run on the weekends, and the idea of getting up early for a short race sounds unappealing. That's why I haven't signed up for any 5Ks, even though I feel like I'm in the condition where I could attempt to race one (it's the only distance I'm in condition to race at this point though). In my quest for balance this year running has really fallen by the wayside and only a small part of me feels bad about it. What the heck. I think running a 5K and being around runners again could be what I need to get me going again.

    1. It's funny how running is WHY we had surgery and yet right now it doesn't feel very urgent. I feel like my relationship with it has a really mellowed. I have no desire to get up early and do long runs on the weekends, and I probably won't do anything like that until school lets out. But I can sacrifice a couple Saturdays for 5ks.

      If you're feeling it, do it! I think being in the race environment for a low-stress 5k is fun and rewarding sometimes.

  2. I'm in the very beginning stages of planning a trip to Florida with my boys in August. Thought I might see if there is a 10k during the same time! Wondering though if there just aren't many during the hot months?

    1. There are quite a few 10ks all year round depending where in FL you are. Some areas have bigger running scenes than others! And August is kind of the start of race season again, so there should be some around that time. Which part of FL will you be in?