Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Five: Pros and Cons

For today's Friday Five with Fairytales and Fitness, I bring you the Pros and Cons of running again...with some news at the end!
1. Pro: Having control and variety back in my workouts! Circuits get so redundant, and I hate having my choice of workout limited by injury. The freedom to choose what I want to do to get my sweat on, and the chance to change my daily workout pattern, has been wonderful.

2. Con: My pain is coming back. For the first week or two I barely had any. Then I started noticing it around 1.5 miles into my runs. This week it was really bad before I was even a mile in. But on the bright side of that, it means when I go to get my next round of tests, I know my symptoms will be present and that means the tests won't be in vain.
Nature, I missed you!
3. Pro: I missed being outside! Even though it's officially HOT (we're seeing high humidity and temps in the 90s already) I'm really enjoying getting some fresh air with my exercise. I missed it. That being said...

4. Con: I forgot that timing kind of sucks for running at the end of the school year. It's often too hot and sunny to run right after work, and by the time it's nice out - usually about 30 minutes before sunset, around 7:30pm - I've spent a couple hours lounging around and it's kind of hard to peel myself up off the couch.
I knew the hardest part of starting up again would be the summer temperatures...
5. Pro: My head feels so clear and awesome these days. Even though my body is struggling, I am benefiting mentally from being back to running. I just feel so much happier and more stable. I'm sleeping better. I just all-around feel more at ease.

A friend in one of my running groups posed a question about body image, and the conversation that got going led me to this realization: because running changed how I feel about my body, it also helped change how I literally see it. Running was a major tool in overcoming a variety of unhealthy habits, and I hadn't noticed how generally down I was feeling while I took time off.
I'm sure Matt and my friends have noticed!

So, the good news to end this post! I called my insurance company to check on whether a real pressure test for CECS would be covered (it will be, but it'll go toward my deductible) and I set up an appointment for May 22nd with a doctor who does the full test and whose website literally says:
I'm feeling hopeful! It definitely seems like "just stop running" isn't going to be this doctor's first suggestion.

What are your pros and cons of running?



  1. This is really great news! May 22nd. Only 10 days away and you have your next step to find out answers and come up with your plan. Pros of running for me are: it's easy, I don't have to wait for a certain time (when I swim the rec center doesn't open until 5:30 am which is still early but I am ready to go by 4:30 am), it requires no equipment and it's FUN. Cons: I get bored doing it every day, I can't do it in the snow or when it's icy, it's my one sport that I feel the most ... as in soreness (I don't get sore from cycling and swimming leaves me feeling a "good" sore in my upper body). Keep up the great work and I will be counting the days with you! As you know, I am on my own countdown but my target date is June 1st!

  2. Well since I am not injury proned(luckily) I do not have any cons in running. However, I have been doing a lot more laundry these days now that it has been warm out!Hope you are able to continue to run.

  3. My cons of running would be I want to run far more miles and far more often than my body would like so I know I have to cut back sometimes. I am also prone to over use injuries. I hope your test gives you the answers you are looking for

  4. I think my biggest con for running always happens in the summer. I am NOT a hot weather running, so braving the heat and humidity in the summer always takes a lot out of me!

  5. Pros of running are that it makes you feel like you got a good workout, it can be done anywhere, and you get to enjoy the outdoors. Cons are that it's easy to get out of running shape and then want to ramp up quicker than your body wants you to, and dealing with weather (rain/ice/extreme cold/extreme heat). Overall though, I think running is the best! :)

  6. I'm glad to hear that you're making progress and have that doctor's appointment scheduled! Running has SO many pros AND cons haha! I'm not a fan of running in the summer heat and humidity but I'm trying to learn to adapt to it sooner rather than later! And I find that if I want to run after work, I need to go out immediately or I'll be to tempted to skip it!

  7. Yay for good news! So happy you are finally getting the tests done and have found a doctor that understands the role running plays in your life!

    Running pros: so many! But I think the biggest one for me is how in shape and strong it makes me feel. There is nothing like that post-run feeling!
    Cons: it's time consuming, and it's hard for me to stay motivated to keep up with running when I'm not working toward a goal.

  8. The weather is definitely a con! I totally feel you- getting up off the couch to do an evening run is hard. I'd much rather run in the morning, but sometimes getting out of bed is hard too! Lol it's a no win situation.

    I'm glad you found another doctor and hopefully this one will have better news for you!

  9. I hope you get answers soon. Good luck with your upcoming tests!

  10. I am so glad you found a doctor who seems like his philosophy more aligns with your desires!!! Whenever I have to take time off running, I truly miss being outside.

  11. I hope this doctor helps you find better answers for your pains! It is what the first one should have done.

    My con for running is that, like any activity, it takes time. Somedays, between work, my son and his activities, there is barely time to make dinner, let alone go and run 5 miles.

  12. YES. So glad you found a doctor that will be on the same page as you. May 22nd isn't that long away so you'll have answers soon which will definitely provide relief no matter what the test results are I think.

    Running before 7 is such a killer now that it's hot. I never knew it before because I always had to run after 7 due to my work schedule, but now all my runs are between 5 and 6pm and I'm like WTF is this?! I thought it was bad before but I had no idea!