Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Earworm Wednesday?

Can I make this a thing? I'm making it a thing. Not every Wednesday, but every once in awhile I just feel the need to compile my latest music obsessions. It also makes it easy for me when I'm looking to update my playlist on my phone, which I rarely do. I use Google Play most of the time.
Ta-da! Now it's a thing!
Anyway, here's what's stuck in my head lately.

888 - Seattle Rain. Something about this song reminds me of music I loved during my freshman and sophomore year of college, but I can't quite put my finger on it. It's maybe a little reminiscent of Yellowcard but with a lighter feel. This song is catchy, fun, and toes the line between upbeat and mellow.
Marian Hill - Down. This is totally not my usual kind of music, but this song has such a unique sound that I just can't stop listening to it.
Welshly Arms - Legendary. I am a sucker for songs that would make good background music for some strutting into a bar or a fight or a bar-fight. This one is no exception.
Arkells - Knocking at the Door. Yeah, that description above? Ditto for this song. I feel invincible when I listen to this.
Revivalists - Wish I Knew You. I'll finish this list on my favorite of the bunch. There are elements that hearken back to funk and "jam band" but it's very fresh and current, too. (There's a quality to the vocalist's delivery of "Oh I hope you don't mind/We can share my mood" that is so familiar but I can't put my finger on why!) I really love how alternative bands are reinventing classic sounds these days.
Do you and I have the same taste in music?
Are you a sucker for epic "walk up" songs?
Can you tell me why the last song sounds so familiar at that one part?!



  1. I keep saying I need to update my playlist but I never do. It's a lot of work..haha

  2. I'm loving this new thing! I am also a sucker for "walk into a bar like I own it" songs. And I bought the K. Flay CD based on the last time you did this and am loving it.

    Some current favorite songs for you:

    Alex Cuba "Todas Las Cabezas Estan Locas"

    Miranda Lambert "Smoking Jacket"

    I keep playing these on repeat.

  3. Normally I don't listen to the music people post but I listened to yours! I don't think we have the same taste at all. I definitely don't like the walk up songs.seattle Rain was way too whiny. I liked Down- the melody was pretty and I liked the girl's voice but it got boring because it was repetitive. I REALLY liked the last song!!! I'm not sure what my musical style is. I will tell you one of my favorite songs is Laid by James!!