Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekly Workouts: 3/20-3/26

Monday: We created a full-body circuit with 60-second repeats instead of our usual 30s. It was pretty brutal!
Tuesday: Although we usually rest Tuesdays because we tutor after school, Elizabeth and I stayed late and completed T25 upper-body. My arms felt like noodles afterward!
I'm not sure why my camera lens is all foggy!
Wednesday: Rest. I had a speaking engagement, so no time for a workout. More on that later!

Thursday: Elizabeth and Stacey did abs after work; I had to deal with a parent and it went late, but I  did the workout at home afterward. Even when working out alone, knowing I had some buddies keeping me accountable really helped!
Friday: Elizabeth and I did the T25 Stretch workout. It felt really good, although I always feel like I've "wasted" a workout if all I do is stretch. This one does bring some squats and low-impact body-weight exercises in to it, so it's not just stationary stretching.

Later that night, Matt and I went to our friend Todd's place because he offered to let me use a Bowflex machine he has until I can run again. I wanted to test it out, so I did a couple minutes on it.

Saturday & Sunday: Rest.



  1. How did the bow flex feel? Is it too cold to swim? That would be a good exercise too!

  2. Which Bowflex did you use? I've had the Bowflex revolution for about 10 years and I'm now just really utilizing it. I figure I might as well use it instead of paying for a gym membership.

    On a random note, I read a lot of your race recaps this weekend and enjoyed them.

  3. How are your calves feeling? When will you get answers back?

    that looks like a fun and difficult circuit!! good job!!