Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Saga Continues! - Kitchen Update

If you have been following our kitchen-remodeling saga, here are the old posts. Looking back on the deconstruction really made me stop and appreciate how far it's come!
1. We made a big hole
2. We got new cabinets
3. We got a countertop, appliances, and installed backsplash which sounds like a lot but we did it over a period of like 3 months
4. I built an island

Matt and I moved into our house in June 2015.

Last weekend, we finally cleared out the "kitchen nook" that has been filled with odds and ends from moving and kitchen construction.
It only took us two years...I have no idea why. The bins of old teaching stuff are now in the attic and we made a huge donation to Good Will.

That same week, I was struck by an unusual bout of motivation and convinced Matt to go thrift shopping with me. I was looking for a table and chairs for under the window.

We went to at least half a dozen shops. I nearly settled for something okay a couple times, but never pulled the trigger. The last place we went to was closed, but they let us in anyway. And there it was, the perfect table and chair set! A little beat up, but made of solid dark wood, which was exactly what I wanted. Not too big for the space, either!
It was marked for $225, but they brought it down to $125 without blinking an eye. My budget was $150.

I put off taking photos until I'd gotten some perfect cushions, but now the space is done!
Comfy cushions are a must.
It's so nice to be able to come out of the bedroom (the door on the right) and into a clean, open room. I'm not stepping over boxes and random junk. I've really enjoyed eating breakfast at the new table instead of having to use the dining room, and it's lovely to be working in the kitchen and not have an eyesore in my peripheral vision.
My view from the sink.
We are on track to have the kitchen totally done by Passover, which is my goal! I've ordered hardware for the cabinets and once we install it (probably over spring break) I'll post one...LAST...update!

What color-scheme is your kitchen?
Do you have a breakfast space in addition to a dining room?
What's the longest time you've put off unpacking after a move or a trip?



  1. Cute! My kitchen has. Wine/grape theme which is ironic since I'm not a wine drinker. Yes, we have kitchen nook and a dining room. Can't wit for the next installment from your kitchen!

  2. Clutter can be surprisingly jarring. Doesn't a tranquil setting just give you a sense of peace?