Sunday, December 18, 2016

Weekly Workouts 12/12-12/18 - A Wrench in the Wheel

I didn't really work out this week. On Tuesday my girls had their final volleyball game - we lost in the quarter finals. It's the furthest any of our teams has ever gone, so I'm very proud and happy with the season's outcome!
After the game they surprised me with this. They each wrote me a note and signed it! How sweet is that?!
I took five days off this week because of my cold and my calves; I ran Thursday and my calves were still bugging me, but I made it through the run more consistently (read: without any walk/stretch breaks).
Then, Friday, I paid the price; I had legit pain in my calves when I was walking around throughout the day. I've tried:

-massage/foam rolling
-my TENS unit

...Nothing is helping.

Friday, Elizabeth and I looked at our plan. I told her that if I were just training for myself, at this point I'd have rested for real, but I feel a responsibility to her. She told me she'd rather that I rested now than that I become too injured to run with her in February.

Obviously I agree, so I'll be cutting back for the next couple weeks and focusing on flatter runs, in case the bridge is exacerbating the issue. We've figured out an adjustment to our training that allows for some extra rest without derailing everything. But I'm frustrated and annoyed!

To recap, this week I: had volleyball Tuesday, a run Thursday, and dancing-in-heels Saturday. (Oh yeah, we had a holiday party so there was that.)
I thought you'd all like to see that Elizabeth and I don't only wear workout clothes!
A few weeks ago I bought most of my HRC-supporter friends the OPI nail polish "Madam President." We three all wore it to the party on Saturday.

Anyway, this was not the week I wanted, but the week I was dealt. Here's hoping additional rest helps my calves get back on track.



  1. I'm so sorry your calves are still bothering you. I hope the extra rest and flatter runs hello.

    Wow that nail color *almost* makes me want to stop biting my nails and grow them or so I can paint them.

    Omg Elizabeth looks like a whole different person!

  2. I hope your calves feel better!! <3

  3. So sorry about your annoying calf issues. I've heard that hills can really aggravate calf issues, so avoiding the bridge is probably a really good call on your part.

    If the problem is tightness, maybe try putting a heating pad on it? I had really bad calf tightness a couple years ago, and nothing seemed to work - stretching and rolling just seemed to make it worse. Finally I took a lot of rest and put a heating pad on my calves every day and that seemed to do the trick. Maybe in your case, it will just take some time and you have to keep diligently doing the things you've been doing. Slowing down or shortening your runs to put less strain on the body may help too. Good luck!

  4. I hope you have some calf pain relief soon! have you looked up options on what to help fix it? Calf pain is just awful!

    There is a OPI Madam President? I need to go find it and buy it! .

    You both look so cute and fancy on your holiday pictures!!

  5. Congrats on volleyball - bummer about your calves, hopefully the rest will help! Also, i am in love with that nail polish!