Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekly Workouts 11/7-11/13

Monday: I did this circuit, albeit modified and only twice. My legs felt a little tired from Sunday's long run, and I wanted to focus more on upper body than legs, so I modified the jumping moves and focused mostly on arms and planks.

Tuesday: 4 miles over the bridge. This run was fast because I wanted to be home in time to shower and watch election results. Needless to say, the energy flatlined quickly once results started coming in.
Wednesday: 4 miles after volleyball. This run was a lot more sluggish. I've found in the past that running while grieving is really hard for me, and I knew this run would be therapeutic but not easy, and it wasn't. It was nice to be with Elizabeth and vent our concerns out loud, though.
Thursday: Upper body at volleyball. I did quick feet with the girls during warmups, then set for them and spiked at them for about 45 minutes. My arms are still sore two days later!
This was us, except instead of just touching the floor we dropped all the way down and then pushed up. My armpits hurt!

Friday: Another 4 miles over the bridge. Steady and decent run...not much to report! We did have some interesting splits.
Neither of us are feeling good enough to take our usual runfies this week.
Saturday: Rest.

Sunday: Too tired after a girl's night out to run in the morning, Elizabeth and I met for a rare evening long run. We did 9 miles at a 10:21 pace. We both felt really good; no fatigue or aches until the very end.
This is only week two of training for this half, so I have a good feeling about February!

Total mileage: 21



  1. Great long run! A cold front is supposed to be coming in tonight for us too! I bet it will get downright chilly where you are, and pretty chilly here too. We are going to run FAST this week!

  2. Great job this past week! And boy do I feel your pain re the Election...

  3. How long is this bridge you run on? I have one along my running route and I feel so energized when I run on it!

  4. Way to go on getting out there and running! I haven't had the energy... but need to find it soon.

  5. When I am grieving, I don't even have the desire to run. But this week I kept plugging just for some normalcy... and also because I have not been watching my normal TV shows so I have a lot of time on my hands. If I stopped running too I wouldn't know what to do with myself! Omg that plank picture looks hardcore! I have done planks with a row before but not with my arm extended like that. I must try!

  6. Still grieving this week. I kept to my recovery and didn't run, but I think I could have used it.