Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bonita Springs Film Festival

My multi-talented husband often takes video when he's out paddling. When he heard the theme for the Bonita Springs Film Festival's short film contest was Bonita beaches, he knew he had to enter. His film was chosen as one of the top 20!
So, a couple weeks ago we had an excuse to get all dressed up, walk the red carpet, drink champagne, and watch those films on the big screen. I left volleyball practice a bit early, changed at his ceramics studio (which is now on Etsy!) and off we went to the festival.
Not bad for a 20-minute primp after a full day of work and volleyball practice!
It was a fun event. There were hors d'oeuvres passed around, complimentary champagne, fruit, and cheese plates. I wasn't sure if the festival was truly "black tie" but Matt wanted to wear his suit so I agreed to match him.
We fancy.
The screening lasted about 3 hours. We watched a reel that showed a snippet of every film entered into the festival, and then we watched all 20 finalists in full. It was so cool to see Matt on a real movie screen!
Excitedly awaiting the start!
There he is, 20 feet tall!
His film did not win - there were some really talented filmmakers in the mix! - but it was really a special experience. He's debating entering next year. He's not as inspired by the theme (historic Bonita) but I think he has a taste for fame.
Of course we voted for his but some of the other films were seriously great!
Here's his movie if you're interested. It's about 5 minutes long and features him and his race team surfing in the waves churned up by Hurricane Hermine.
Have you ever entered into a film festival?
When's the last time you got dressed to the nines?



  1. That is so insanely cool that Matt was a top 20 finalist and you got to walk the carpet all dressed up! Between winning races and the film festival you guys are turning into local celebs!

  2. Wow, this is amazing! Congrats to Matt for being chosen for the top 20! Looks like a great time and how fun they pulled the red carpet out!

  3. Wow that is incredible! Congrats to making the top 20. It sounds like such a fun event. :) I haven't gotten really dressed up in awhile...probably the last time was a wedding this summer.

  4. Man, you have so much to be proud of Matt for! He is just killing it this year... his ceramics studio, Chattajack, a top contender at a film festival. I watched the video, how intense! That must have been so fun to walk the red carpet. I love dressing up!

  5. What a year for the two of you--and I love that Matt is stretching his talents!

  6. Oh my ! So fancy! you guys look great!

    Very interesting movie! Congratulations to you both!

  7. Wow, that is seriously cool - and you both looked great!