Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Time for Training

So, as you know, I talked Elizabeth into running the A1A half marathon with me, and that means we're officially training! We're actually a few weeks into it, but I wanted us to have our flow underway before I wrote too much about it.
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We put together a plan that I think will work for a first time half-marathoner; it's the running plan I used when I finally trained properly for a half. We run four miles three times during the week, always including the bridge. (We don't do special speed work or repeats; we just make sure our four miles includes the bridge twice.) Our long run is always done easy on a flat route. Then, we fit cross-training into our schedule a couple times a week and give ourselves a rest day.
Someone asked about our bridge's specs. It's about .9 miles from end-to-end and the elevation is +16 feet.
We're both in the honeymoon phase of feeling really excited and ready to totally nail this plan.

Ask me how I feel in a few more weeks.

After capping my runs at 10 miles (and usually going 8 or 9), seeing 13-15 mile runs on my calendar is a bit daunting. The first few long runs haven't been mentally easy; a big part of me hasn't been motivated to run that far, and I've had to rearrange my mindset so I can be mentally ready for running long again!
Yes, this. If I'm being honest, while mentally running long has been daunting, but physically it hasn't been that difficult. Yet.
I guess this means my year of short distance is mostly over. Still, I think I've successfully rekindled my appreciation for 5ks and plan to run them more often; this half doesn't have to change everything!

Anyway, we have our plan totally mapped out. We've planned a 15-miler because Elizabeth really wants to "beat" her brother's longest distance (a half) and 15 sounds like a "good distance" to her. That means it will be the farthest I've ever run during half training; I'm interested to see the results.
We sketched out our long runs one day during lunch. Elizabeth said her students' reactions to the mileage were hilarious.
We don't have any time goals, although I think realistically we could come in around 2:20 without much trouble; we plan to run the entire race together and just have fun. It's hard to race and talk, so chances are we'll keep a nice, conservative pace...

Then again, seeing Elizabeth's paces lately, we may gun for a PR. Who knows! I know I'm "helping" her train for her first half, but really I'm just helping her run through her boredom. She's more than capable of running a half without my guidance! I'm just along for the ride.

Are you training for anything right now?
Do you like to create your own training plans?
Have you ever mentored/trained a running buddy in a distance that's new to them?



  1. I was thinking about your training plan during my long run on Sunday haha. I meant to ask you what your long runs look like the rest of the training cycle since you're already up to double digits. That's nice that you'll get up to a 15 miler! I may try to incorporate a 15 miler into my training for A1A too or at least another 14-miler. For the Miami Half I only have one 14-miler written in - but that will still be the longest training run I've ever done for a half.

    1. I feel like we'll be doing WAY more long running than is technically necessary but I want us to both feel really strong and confident for the distance on race day so we can focus on enjoying it!

      We're going to see each other before or after the race, right? Can I see your new place?!?!

  2. That's a lot of double digit long runs. I usually only run 10, 11 & 12 and one of each. Maybe I should add some longer ones???

    1. I hope we're not over-doing it, but I want Elizabeth to feel like running long is old hat by the time race day comes around!

  3. Aww, I'd love to runny in sunny ft lauderdale with you gals! Looks like a great plan and I can so relate to the "honeymoon phase" of training.
    I did 2 long distance races this year and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the year where I ran shorter distances. I may be revamping my running goals for next year!

    1. There's something really nice about mixing it up and going back to short distances after some solid long-distance training.

  4. I can't believe your year of short distances is already over! Normally I always make my own training plans. It's when I decided to follow one that things went to shit. I have never done a 15 miler for a half! But I did do a lot of tempo runs since I had a time goal.

    1. I can't believe it's DECEMBER! Time to plan some goals for 2017 I guess...although I honestly have no desire to do so. I've really enjoyed my KISS year.

  5. I think running 15 miles was the first time I thought to myself, "Wow, now THIS is long!" I don't know if Elizabeth will ever want to run a full, but once she runs 15...The next time I train for one, I'm sure she'll run most of my runs with me still, so I wouldn't be surprised if she decided to do it!